Stripe and Bustle for IF Friday with Progress Pics

Stripe and Bustle

Busy, stripey, slightly mysterious thing for the Illustration Friday topic “Stripes”.  I have wanted to do a bustle for ages but was afraid.  Pfft, was not very hard and I am quite happy with it.  Still avoiding faces though, which led to a cool and successful hairdo. The stripey beast is rather flat, which was the original intention, but it doesn’t seem to go with the rest. Also, did a pretty bad job on his eye.  Arrrgh! Progress photos below.

Stripe and Bustle Sketched

Stripe and Bustle Color 1

Stripe and Bustle Color 2

Stripe and Bustle With Copics, 8x10 Illustration

No story at the moment, though I may yet add one. Thank you for visiting!  Did you do Illustration Friday this week?  Drop a line so I can go see.  ;)

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29 Responses to Stripe and Bustle for IF Friday with Progress Pics

  1. essalee says:

    I do like the stripey beast, but the hair is definitely my favorite part.

  2. I love your plethora of stripes!! Eye looks good to me…and your bustle is very successful! :)

  3. I like where your going with this. The birds expression is priceless.

  4. Susan Faye says:

    Love the bustle, the colors and the details!

  5. This is wonderful! Beautiful. And I am totally in love with the hair. :)

    Thaís Gisele

  6. Hehe – that bird is a scene-stealer!

    Love the intricate detailing of your work – have you been tempted to dabble in textile/collage?

    • The Beast Tender says:

      I would love to do some fabric with crazy colored beasts, sheets for a kid’s room or the like, maybe? But finding time to do another thing is rough. ;)

  7. bookbabie says:

    Very sweet, love the giant iguana, my husband used to have a couple as pets, he thought they were cute too!

  8. Nicola Temple says:

    Love your stuff….and particularly that you post progress pictures!

  9. Abby says:

    Great stripey illustration! I think the hair was the first thing my eye was drawn to, though. You’re your toughest critic :)!

  10. The Beast Tender says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments! I do think both the hair and bustle may show up again soon. :)

  11. Love your work! Especially her striped bustle:) Added your etsy shop to my favorites!

  12. Just lovely! Thank you for your kind comment on my illustration for IF. You asked about the paper treatment – it’s actually just a texture that I laid on top of my sketch in photoshop!!! I use alot of graphic effects in my art ;o)

    love + luck + bliss,

  13. Anna says:

    That is a crazy amount of details you put into every illustration of yours. It’s a great and unique style.I especially like how you’ve done the folds in her dress.

  14. IvanKaK says:

    Wonderful illustration Cindy, I love the beast and bird and I think the scene work great as a whole too. Well done :)

  15. Michaela says:

    This is Awesome i love all the different patterns and I want her dress :) …. the bird is really cool aswell.

  16. You have an amazingly unique and wonderful style!
    How creative! Thanks for sharing your work.

  17. erin says:

    Very fun. You always have so much great detail in your illustrations, love it.

  18. Thanks for your nice comment – I’m happy to have discovered your blog, too! I like your stripes – such fun!
    I enjoyed your Illuminations page, too. That Ira Glass quote is one I read recently and loved, and the others are great, too.

  19. Debbie clandening says:

    Wonderful illustration. Your bustle turned out great.
    I love your blog

  20. Love it! Especially the bustle and the hair! Crazy bird too…

  21. Cathy Holtom says:

    I love you work and process pics, very creative!

  22. Lovely! And it’s great how you show the work progress…

  23. jennifer says:

    so much fun! and I love the progress shots too!

  24. The Beast Tender says:

    Thank you everyone for the great comments! I love IF, woooo!

  25. I love the vibrant colors and stripe details on your illo! The woman’s hair and dress are just beautiful! :)

  26. hedwig says:

    Very colorful, but I like to see her face!

  27. Bella Sinclair says:

    Oh that is so COOL! So many fabulous stripes. Her hair and bustle (and the polka dotted bird) balance out the straight lines so fantastically. Love it! And love your steampunk otter too!

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