The Peace Flower, Inspired by the East

The Peace Flower
5″ x 7″, Copics, Microns, gel pen on Bristol Board

This Peace Flower is a peaceful protest design which offers a large flower in place of the warrior who would normally be riding this elephant, perhaps across an Indian countryside. The background was inspired by mehndi design (henna design), most traditionally used to decorate the hands and feet of Hindu brides, or for other festive occasions.

Submitted for the topic “Protest” at Illustration Friday. [Actually made for a friend who may or may not see this post before the item arrives at her house. But it was too good for the topic to pass up! Ok, really I kind of shoe-horned it into the topic. But still!] I’m not sure if the entire background should have been red. Didn’t want to risk it.

Thank you for your visit!

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25 Responses to The Peace Flower, Inspired by the East

  1. Jill says:

    Fantastic. I love the background and the flower. Getting ready to add ink details to my tulip painting. Spent the afternoon practicing on printouts of my painting. Decided to start small first because my inking skills are rusty and I’m nervous! When I grow up, I want to have mad inking skills like you!

  2. hedwig says:

    Hi Cindy, this is so beautiful! It ‘s almost a modern design for a Persian rug. And the elephant’s eye full of emotions. Happiness and gratitude that she is released from that warrior, but still a bit tired of serving him, and like she does not believe she is free and can live the flowery life.

  3. Beautiful! Terrific colors!

  4. Always prefer flowers in place of warriors. And the design is so lovely!

  5. Beth Parker says:

    Hi Cindy! I sure have missed coming by to look at your work. This is wonderful!

  6. Mom says:

    Cindy!! Absolutely beautiful-the background,the flower, the elephant!! Mom

  7. minnemie says:

    Oooh this is excellent! Love the background detail and the different layers of color -just the right amount of red and excellent composition too!

  8. clara nilles says:

    WOW! Beautiful! Love the turquoise cluster flower, elephant, and fabulous background……very henna-like. I love the Indian henna designs and terra cotta colors.

  9. (Sung) If you goooooo to San Franciscoooooo…Be sure to wear a huge flowerrrrrrr on you backkkkkkk!!!!

  10. (Sung) If you goooooo to San Franciscoooooo…Be sure to wear a huge flowerrrrrrr on your backkkkkkk!!!!

  11. I love this! The blocks of color behind the elephant set things off wonderfully. I enjoy your little works, but this makes me wonder if you should do more large pieces?

  12. Hi Cindy! Wonderful design! I like the color as you painted! Peace flower and Elephant’s eye catcher, the center of attraction! Thanks for your recent visit! I am having some issues lately with my blog , not been able to open sometimes for some reason.Today it worked!

  13. This is great Cindy! Very strong and graphic. Would make good poster art for a peace protest.

  14. Gay McKinnon says:

    Ah, how lovely! I like it just as a henna design too, but the colour really pops – I would actually love to wear it as a Summer of Love T-shirt (thanks Rod for the San Fran reference) and go all psychedelic.
    I am not sure if it is a very small elephant or a giant flower but would like one for a pet.

  15. Ana says:

    I like the idea of flowers instead of warriors!
    Great design ♥

  16. shirley says:

    A beauty, Cindy!! Gorgeous always inspire me with your creativity.

  17. Rita says:

    Wow Cindy, I’ve been addicted to doodling lately so that gorgeous background really appeals to me. I love it!

  18. The peace flower is mesmerizing!

  19. Good thing flowers are light, or that would be quite the load! :) Beautiful! Love the detailed patterns!!

  20. Linda says:

    Just love your background and those lashes again! Super idea using the peace flower.

  21. Koosje says:

    Ha I know all about squeezing a drawing into the IF topic :) Well done! Thisnis such a sweet piece of art, and I’m glad you didn’t fill the background all red, it’s perfect the way itnis now.

  22. Efi Maryeli says:

    This is really lovely!!!! Love the message, too!!!

  23. The amount of detail you put into your work is unreal!!

  24. Malachite says:

    LOVE your artworks! you have an amazing unique style of your own! i’m very impressed on your blog!
    please check my artworks on my blog

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