Portfolio, 2016 Pencils

So I really wanted to make a gallery of all the recent pencil sketches. I was hoping this would be the kind you could scroll through and it is, up to a point. But then it scrolls to other images that were not added to this gallery. So, I apologize for the technical difficulties. I am working on fixing them. You can always get back to this thumbnail gallery via the linkĀ on the far right of the menu at the top of the page.

In addition, many thanks for all the nice comments on my continuing pencil adventures!

Cindy Dauer, March 20, 2016

P.S. Yes, there are two Wulfrids. No, they don’t know each other. (I don’t think.) It’s a pretty great name though, so it’s hardly surprising to find it more than once in a rogue’s gallery such as this.