Acrylic Painting Notes

Acrylic Painting Basics

Will Kemp Art School on youtube – check out his short excellent videos on brushes, paint mixing, acrylic mediums, and various step-by-step painting videos. He also has a website and drawing and painting courses that can be purchased. (I am thinking about it! I will update this page if I do any.)

Will Kemp free pdf Acrylic Basics

Draw Paint Academy

Human Portrait (not all acrylics, but good information!)

A Girl Portrait in Acrylic by Paint Academy

Painting gouache by Bokkei

Unicorn Girl – Painting the Face by Lioba Brückner

Oil Painting Time Lapse by Lioba Brückner

Painting a Portrait: Sabine  by LarrivaArt

Contrition by LarrivaArt

Custom Portrait Acrylic by ArtyShils Art

Painting a portrait acrylic by Gordon Berger Art

Acrylic Speed Painting #3 by Pypah’s Art

Acrylic Speed Painting #2 by Pypah’s Art

Face to Dace female portrait oil by Paul Richmond

My Favorite Dog Speed Painting Videos – These are mostly actually oil painting videos, but they were all very instructive. Good information and examples of blocking in color, painting fur, catching light, etc)

Painting Sasha the Border Collie: ‘Dogality’ series pet portraits by Caroline Stanley

Painting PET PORTRAITS / How To Paint Fur! by Andrew Tischler

Dog Demonstration Art Instruction Video by NettieKStudio

Painting Yorkie Dogs Tutorial by Ben Atkin Art

My Kind of Art – time-lapse Gordonsetter by My Hansson

Time-Lapse painting. Eng setter by My Hansson

Speed painting, Dog Portrait in Acrylic – by Viera Danielli

Cat Paintings

Speed painting, cat portriait by My Hansson