It’s January Again. And Paint Every Day!

Today is January 7, 2023. I finished a painting on January 1. The painting is titled Louise, After the Recital, and here she is:

11 x 14 acrylics on wrapped canvas. Louise, After the Recital, by Cindy Dauer.

I hoped to do a painting every day, but the next one took three days, including many false starts. I didn’t give this one a name. Someone who saw it pointed out that the main character looks a bit like the Grinch, which is true.

11×14 acrylics on wrapped canvas, by Cindy Dauer

I am on day three of the next painting, which got a name early on: Phoebe in the Aisle of Eyes. You’ll just have to come back and see. :-)

Thanks for dropping in! Happy 2023!

6 thoughts on “It’s January Again. And Paint Every Day!

  1. Minnemie Murphy

    Oh, wonder-filled as always! Your imagination is refreshing, and your ability to bring it to life in a canvas is delightful.
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I am still here… in and out… more out than in… but keeping the brush more (or less) wet;-)

    1. Cindy D Post author

      Hello -so nice to see you! Thank you! Can you believe how the time flies? I mean, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at this point. :)

  2. denthe

    I so love these fantastic creatures of yours! A painting a day is very ambitious, I’m already happy if i can just put a few marks on paper every day I said last year I was going to finish one artjournal. Of course I didn’t, but somehow the new year is giving me confidence that this year I WILL do it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

    1. Cindy D Post author

      Hello and thank you! I thought you had great productivity for last year considering everything. It’s still a struggle but I do think 2023 will be a good one. :)

  3. Sheri Pitler

    Hello and Happy New Year! So happy to see your wonderful creatures again! I never tire of them (altho they may have little tolerance for me). Good to see you!

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