Toki and Stella, for Dogs of Metafilter May 2024

Actually “Animal Companions of Metafilter”, but it’s dogs for me. At least, I am going to try to make a post over there so everyone can post pics. I will say, I lost my boy Dexter at the end of last year. I made a slideshow for him. But this post is for the current duo, Toki and Stella.

Vital stats:

Toki: Male Havanese, 17 lb, puppy mill rescue at age 2/3. Adopted Oct 2016. Current age, approx 10. Cream with silver ends and some champagne. Also known as Tokes, Pokey Toki, Tokester, Mr. Thing, Monkey,

Stella: Female Havanese (maybe Bichon mix), puppy mill rescue at age(3?). Adopted Feb 2024. Current age, approx 3. White with hints of cream and silver. Also known as Stelly, Stelly Belly, Miss Thing, Stellabelle, Stella Bella Boo.

Stella (before haircut), Toki (after haircut). At the office April 2024.
Stella (looking like a toy dog) before haircut, Toki after haircut. At home April 2024.
Toki before haircut March 2024.
Stella after haircut, May 2024.
Toki with our old friend Dexter, 2023 at the office.
Toki, March 2020.
Toki, Sept 2019
Stella, May 2024, at office.

2 thoughts on “Toki and Stella, for Dogs of Metafilter May 2024

  1. Pattie Wall

    Oh, these doggos are too cute! I believe that those schweet faces get translated into your FUN art pieces. Live without dogs is surely not what anyone should be living. I LOVE DOGS! I read your remarks about Kara Bullock..I have taken off and on with her for the last several years, yes..and there are some GOO ooo OOD paintings there. Currently taking a course with Kimberly Santini – it is THE best class I have ever taken – she shares SO much about her art and thinking. I have turned the corner on how my art progresses. Now if I could just get those trees and bushes planted in allll the holes we dug – my fenced inside acre looks like a bombing range. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Cindy D Post author

      Thanks so much, Pattie! I am trying to hard to get back to this blog, and also YouTube, with a full time job and two dogs, oh my! And thinking about classes, too. But maybe it will stick eventually, some consistent blogging (like you’ve done). I hope the planting is going well!


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