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  1. Jenny Manno

    Hi Cindy,

    I just found you and your work on google, and can I just say I am A HUGE FAN!!! Your imagination is EVERYTHING!!! The details you add to each of your pieces… especially your graphite work!!! SWOON!!!!

    I have a facebook page called Next JENeration Art. It’s a community for growth and learning tied together with kindness and generosity. Every Sunday I post one of my pieces as a prompt photo. The only rules are that #1 they have fun, # 2 they either copy my piece exactly or they tweak it to their style. I don’t care what they do as long as they are learning and using it as a prompt for moving forward and #3 they post it on Next JENeration when they are done.

    I also bring in guest artists to do either a propmt, a video tutorial or a PDF document with written step by step instructions. I would BE HONORED if you would consider being a guest artist. What that entails is… You would send me an image and a mini bio by the 3rd Friday of whatever month is decided and I will post it that Sunday. That’s it. you’d include any Instagram or Facebook handle and your website info. etc.

    If you are interested you can reach out to me at Jenny Manno via messenger (this is my personal facebook page) or my email address at

    Thank you so much for your time:)



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