January One, Sketches and Musings

Horace with Friends, 6" x 6" pencil sketch

Horace with Friends, 6″ x 6″ pencil sketch (with lots of smudging, d’oh)

When she saw that Horace was feeling melancholy, Gina called in the troops to cheer him up. Just moments after this image was captured, Horace cheered up immeasurably, grabbed his bright green mandolin, and led them in a rousing rendition of “I Want to Be Your Friend” by 11 Acorn Lane.  Gina beakily provided horn accompaniment, while Oditi (far left) insisted on repeating the  Deedlee-doo, Deedlee-dee bit. They jumped and clapped and spun around.

Happy January 1! The year ahead is filled with promise, opportunity and undreamt surprises. New discoveries, rediscoveries and unwelcome news. Birthdays, lazy Saturdays, and days when the sun will seemingly fail to shine.

But you are here! Thank you for coming. I hope this year holds lots of the good things and less of the bad things, for everyone. More recent sketching below.

Two sketch Dec 26 2015

2 with Birds, 6" x 6" pencil sketches

2 with Birds, 6″ x 6″ pencil sketches

And then there were fish, and things became muddled. pencil sketch, 5" x 7"

And then there were fish, and things became muddled.
pencil sketch, 5″ x 7″



15 thoughts on “January One, Sketches and Musings

  1. Beth

    What wonderfully charming creatures! I am enamored. These sketches fill my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give. Happy New Year, my talented Friend. I just love your artwork. It makes me smile.

  2. Elena Caravela

    Absolutely delightful, Cindy! I love that you are taking these creatures farther into stranger territory while retaining their charm!

  3. Karen Smithey

    These are wonderful. I love how you’ve combined traditional facial features with the unexpected, as well as adding the pattern and design (and smuggling, doh! ;)

  4. denthe

    I so love the eyes in your fantastic creatures! It really makes them come alive and gives them such a sweet expression. Have a happy year dear Cindy, and keep those creatures coming!

  5. David Jernigan

    Cindy, I really like the composition on the sketch, “And then there were fish, and things became muddled.” The fish floating around in the back ground and the confident expression of the bird creature give the illustration a great whimsical life. Have a great 2016. I hope this year holds lots of the good things.

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