Could it be an Acrylic Painting post? IT IS.

two painted beasts, omg. 11" x 14" Acrylics

two painted beasts, omg.
11″ x 14″ Acrylics

Wooo, I’ve been painting! And pretty big too, if you keep in mind I’ve been mostly drawing 2.5″ x 3.5″ art card size the last couple years.

Since my last progress shots post, some WordPress update business or another has removed my slideshow function. I may search out another for future posts, but here is a little gallery of shots. You can click on each to enlarge, but tragically you cannot page through them.

So, I was pretty happy at step seven. The next day, after a couple hours working at it (with some frustrations!), what a big difference! I still have to fix up the background. Might just cover the splatters, or might add something new. Or might start the next painting! Here’s a sneak preview:

11" x 14" sketch on canvas board

11″ x 14″ sketch on canvas board

Thanks so much for dropping in! Please, please feel free and encouraged to drop any and all acrylic painting tips in the comments. I’m a bit of a hack at it still, and probably will be for another few years. (But that’ s ok!) :-)

20 thoughts on “Could it be an Acrylic Painting post? IT IS.

  1. Ann DAngelo

    First, the new sketch is EVERY kind of brilliant. i love the way the lizard-y-rooster-y-critter is checking out the bug, almost like the older sibling checking out the new arrival. And is that a bird with a mane?! Because genius. I love the composition and can’t wait to see it start evolving!

    Second, I don’t know how I am ever going to stop wanting this canvas. I was already in love with it, but then you added the dark purple, and I was SWOONING. You have the best brain.

  2. nini

    Well… WOWZA is the first thing I’ll say :) You are just so darn good with your characters, your mind is really brilliant.

    I can’t possibly give any advice or tips on acrylics as I can barely use them myself but I love the way yours look like Copics because you have perfected the use of Copics and they suit you perfectly. So don’t get me wrong here, I love the way acrylics come out for you so I think you’re doing it just as you’re supposed to.

  3. denthe

    Well, you are just as good with acrylics as you are with copics! Brilliant, I don’t think you need any painting tips :-) Love this image, so sweet and adorable, and I like how they belong together because of the orange spots.

  4. Neesie

    Magical is a word that comes to mind when I look at your work here.
    I haven’t used acrylics very much but you’re work is inspiring.
    Looking forward to seeing the next piece of work. It’s sure to be stunning.
    Happy PPF to you

  5. Dea Lenihan

    Love your characters –are you a children’s book illustrator too? Glad to have found you–love your style. I am new to the blogging world and happy to find new art friends. I am happy to say I am a new follower. Dea xo

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Hi Dea, and thank you! I would love to be a children’s book illustrator, but I guess I just never figured out how to go about that – though, I also decided I cause myself too much stress trying to do commission-type work. I am trying to write my own but I have a regular job and try to do some art every day, and that doesn’t leave much time for things. Thanks so much for dropping by!

      1. Dea Lenihan

        Oh it is so hard to do almost anything around a full time job! But somehow you do A LOT! Your blog is rich and wonderful. Great you can find time for it. And yes–a commission only job is stressful. Great chatting–looking forward to more art and talk. See you around the neighborhood! xo

  6. SIB

    This is a beautiful render. I love how bird and dragon interact. As far as slide show, my condolences. If it’s any consolation, I rather like the series of static images.

  7. Leslie White

    Oh my goodness! You are back and painting large in acrylics! I love the subject matter and the colors in this one. Your eyes! The are the best! Good job, Cindy!

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