Continued Acrylics – with progress shots

Acrylic painting and pencil sketching continue.

11" x 14" Acrylics, in progress

11″ x 14″ Acrylics, in progress

This one is feeling much more forced than the last one! Probably overthinking things. The black outline was not the best move, but it will probably see a lot of changes yet.

And these are two favorite recent sketches. I am finally using a piece of paper as a smudge guard. Hooray!

Horned Oracle, 9" x 12" pencil sketch

Horned Oracle, 9″ x 12″ pencil

Pavel's Pet Portrait Palace 9" x 12" pencil

Pavel’s Pet Portrait Palace, 9″ x 12″ pencil

I haven’t decided what to do with these, Copics won’t work with this much pencil and the Bristol is no good for acrylics. I could trace the outline on a new sheet, maybe. More likely I will just start the next one.

Thanks so much for dropping by! (All acrylic tips appreciated!)

11 thoughts on “Continued Acrylics – with progress shots

  1. MOM

    The acrylic “Guy” with his two friends is so beautiful inthose awesome colors! The 2 pencil characters show all the detailing that you always liked to do-such patience to do allof these characters! C: OX Mom

  2. Giggles

    Oh my I am in Happy land again… you bring me soooo much joy with these whimsical characters!! I could only dream of being a tad as talented as you… Love all your characters soooo much!! So vibrant…is this heaven?….yes I think so!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Ruth Hayes

    Love the little ladybug on his beak. The pencil sketches are nice too. I like the detail in the top one’s jacket.

  4. denthe

    I don’t know, I kinda like that black outline, it suits the drawing. And I LOVE the strong colours! Those sketches are amazing! I love all the details in the first one’s coat.

  5. sheila 77

    These are terrific, Cindy. Mr. Acrylic is very colourful and very gentle with his sweet friends.
    Thanks for the process photos, it’s good to see them.
    Your two drawings are really lovely, I think they both come from a gentle land.

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