Tale of Two Giraffes

Welcome to Day 19 of the 30 day challenge!

A New Friend
5″ x 7″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

This giraffe was a request by a friend at illustratedatcs.com, intended for a nursery. I offered to add a bunny, but ended up adding a ladybug. On a very tall flower. I think s/he’s pretty cute.

My first try was a giraffe in acrylics, because of the painting challenge. I’ve done quite a few paintings recently so wanted to continue the run. But alas! The giraffe, while not finished, was just feeling too somber for a nursery (see below). Anyway, I was under a deadline to produce a giraffe and figured my best chance for success would be ink, my old standby.

Here’s the painted giraffe in progress. (Stay tuned, it may change dramatically between now and the next time I post it!)

Giraffe (in Progress)
5″ x 7″ Acrylics on canvas board

Note to subscribers! I am posting every day this month for the challenge, but only emailing twice a week. Just so you know. Thank you! (Also, apologies for dust and eraser bits on the scanner!)

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14 thoughts on “Tale of Two Giraffes

  1. TF Balding

    Cindy the nursery giraffe is too perfect!!! I’m totally in love with it!!!
    & the challenge giraffe is coming out pretty frickin awesome, too… You should do more giraffes lol–these rock! :D

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Hooray! So glad you like it. I can’t do commissions or even requests very often because they tend to fill me with dread. (Even though they often end up pretty nice!)

  2. nini

    So SOOOO cute!
    And I love the last photo! Do you have a DB shop you can walk into? If so, I’m totally green with envy now :D

  3. AnnD

    OMG, your nursery giraffe came out so CUTE! That is one very lucky baby!

    I love the challenge giraffe, too. You are so good at imbuing animals with personality!

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