100 Tiny Houses Project, Pen & Ink

Nine Tiny Houses, Oh My!
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

It was inevitable! I’ve been on a tiny house tear around here. Perhaps eventually I can turn the 100 Tiny Houses into a bustling neighborhood! It will have a Halloween side of the tracks and maybe a Steampunk neighborhood. (The Project includes 17 houses so far, starting with three Spook Houses from Halloween 2012.)

Those who have been following will be happy to know I am remembering to put little trash can portals in (almost) every one, for easy travel options.

The above nine include several older ones, and these four new ones:

Three Halloweenish Houses and 1 Steampunkish
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

I’ve started to name them – also fun! 1. Chapel of the Grey Witch, 2. The Cat Hag’s Shack, 3. The Pumpkin Charmer’s Cottage, 4. Clever Inventor’s Shed.

Thanks for stopping by! Managed a few progress pics. Will try to do more. ;)

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17 thoughts on “100 Tiny Houses Project, Pen & Ink

  1. Leslie White

    What a fun collection to have, Cindy. The little one in the bottom row with the slanted chimney? Very cool! I’m going to show these to my Granddaughter. It will just help to feed her creativity I think. Thank you for posting them in a bunch like this!

  2. clara nilles

    This is an incredible collection……you have to do something with them……like a picture book or something…….
    The variety, details, colors, & textures are unbelievable! I remember the 3 Halloween Houses you started from last year…….its so hard to pick my favorite…..but I think it might have to be Observatory House…..its precious!

  3. linda (dots n doodles)

    Cindy, these are fabulous! The colours in each one, although done individually, go together as a whole with all the others. The Cat Hag’s Shack, where did that name come from? I think it is hilarious and made me crack up. Keep them coming!

  4. Linda Hensley

    I like the idea of turning all your little houses into a neighborhood. It would be cool to make them 3-D for that matter so you could arrange them that way too. Keep up the good work!

  5. Sal Scheibe

    How cool these little houses are! I love the idea of a neighborhood. It would look so cool framed and hung on a wall. So much detail in each little house. They all have a life of their own. Wonderful art – as always! :)

  6. Nuno

    My favorite is the no. 7… or maybe the no. 53, both have a telescope. Sometimes I go out with a friend and we watch planets, galaxies, globular clusters and many other wonderful things with his telescope. They are really impressive! And your creativity, too!

  7. minnemie

    What a fun neighbourhood! I enjoy house-shopping here;-) Right now I am ready to move into the Pumpkin Charmer’s Cottage. But I’ll keep shopping as you create them;-)

  8. Mom

    Now the tiny-weeny houses-I imagine they are harder to do because of the sizes!! Super as usual & don’t say I’m Prejidiced; Love, Mom

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