Two Tall Hairstyles for 29 Faces

Faces 21 and 22 for 29 Faces!

Two Skinny Cards with Text
Each 3″ x 7″ ink and acrylics on Bristol vellum

The first says, “Good manners and kindness are always in fashion”. (I could not find an author for this quote.) The second says, “Sydney did not like for the tea to be late. It annoyed her greatly.” (Written by me. High art.) :)

I like these faces, the lips continue to be better than before! But I do not like the text style and if I want to add text to art I will have to work on it. (The purple background and pale hair in the left one is acrylics. The rest of both is Copic markers, ink and white gel pen. Made for a “Skinny Pages with Text” swap at illustratedatcs.

Note to self: Uniball Signo gel pen + acrylics = no. Sakura Gellyroll white gel pen + acrylics = yes.

I’ve been asked how I produce so much art. I don’t have kids. I think that’s quite a lot of it. And I just get to it every night after work. Most all day on the weekends. As many hours as a second job, certainly. But I want to be better and I don’t want to wait. So I don’t have a choice. :)

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”  ~Buddha

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12 thoughts on “Two Tall Hairstyles for 29 Faces

  1. denthe

    Oh, I LOVE Sydney! Those big eyes, the colour of her face, the expression on her face …. Just lovely…. I always wonder how on earth people can do shading with markers. I don’t have copics, never used them either. Maybe it only works with them … For writing on acrylics, my absolute favorites are Posca markers. And they work for a very long time.

  2. Hope

    Love them! And your style!

    Yes, you hit the nail on the head about no kids = more time for art. LOL! I have two kids but can still find some time for art. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! And they don’t stay kids forever!

  3. Caryn Smith aka Caryn Strauss-Smith

    I love your art! Just visited your Etsy site and you are indeed prodigious! It’s all great and distinctively yours. I really like originals in the art world and you are one!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! Eek, the shop. It’s been neglected recently. I hope to remedy that soon. Ish.

  4. Alicia Gorecki

    tall hair!! Love them and that you are now starting to experiment with text.

    And as far as your explanation for how you create so much work, I think the kid thing plays in a bit, but truly and with greater impact, I believe it is about your own internal motivation. You are passionate about your own work and that finds time!

  5. clara nilles

    BRAVO!……..this is probably the first time I’ve seen typography in your art…..and its awesome…….words really adds to your pieces. There’s so many licensed artwork/products out there that have interesting and creative typography these days… really becomes part of the art.

    I have no kids either…..certainly helps with time management but I’m still nowhere near as prolific as you!!

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