New Paintings & Online Art Auction

Attitude, 9″ x 12″ acrylics on canvas
9×12 acrylics in progress, 1-3
9×12 acrylics in progress, 4-6

No Apologies Online Only Art Auction

Starting this weekend and running September 8-15, 2019, I am co-hosting an online art auction in support of abortion rights. Most of the art was made by the organizers, though a few of our friends have donated some pieces. Looking is free! More information here:

(The Dolores Huerta – right side, flower background, and the tiny houses in the middle (plus the painting at the top of this post) are mine. The other pieces are from other artists!)

Thanks so much for dropping in! Hello to Paint Party Friday!

5 thoughts on “New Paintings & Online Art Auction

  1. Linda Hensley

    Good for you to do something positive for an issue that’s been under attack these days. I passed on the info and hope you get good sales out of it. Good luck!

  2. BLOGitse

    Yes, great idea!
    Abortion is never easy decision. It’s wrong women are accused. I don’t understand especially women who say abortion is sin when she’s been raped..argh!
    Oh, I could on and on…
    Good luck!

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