Online Art Auction Coming Up

Here’s a couple flyers I made for the online art auction in support of abortion rights that I am organizing with my friend Ann D’Angelo. Most of the art is ours but we are accepting donations and have gotten many amazing pieces.

The world is pretty ugly right now and there are many issues that deserve our attention. This art auction is one way some of us are trying to help out.

No Apologies Online Art Auction, September 8-13, 2019. More info here.

Thanks for dropping in!

2 thoughts on “Online Art Auction Coming Up

  1. charlotte maxwell

    your paintings of dogs are wonderful! I think you should do a prick eared dog that is a Belgian Malinouis (sp?).; Naturally prick eared and full tail. I agree with you about clipped ears, and docked tails. I am a quilter (artist and fabric is my medium) and wonder if you would allow me to print your pictures and possibly use them in the future to make an art quilt? enjoyed your pictures very much!!!

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