Digital Color Experiment

I can’t decide whether this whole adding-color-digitally thing is cheating.   In my defense I did not go straight to digital.  I fooled around with color in acrylics over the years.  Beasts and such, mainly.

Jillian is a thoughtful tyke and her sitter a terrific teller of tales, from memory. I believe this pic shows Jillian stealing a nap just after chapters one through six of “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster. Outstanding book. Seriously.

Fed Mr. & Mr. Difficult mushroom omelets while I fiddled with the color. It made me hungry.

Not sure about this one. Poor Jeeves appears to have 1. a sunburnt face, or 2. a chemically burnt face. Too dark and too red is my conclusion.

FYI:  Lest I be accused of animal abuse, Jeeves has neither a sunburn nor a chemical burn. He is in perfect health – although he ate way too many Katjes Saure Johannis-beeren before lunch.