Rawr 2.1

Dimple and Mort in Slumberland

The other dogs cautioned Mort not to go, but they knew it wouldn’t do any good.  Mort had always been independent-minded.  He believed he would be able to avoid most of the enforced napping.  And since Dimple could not leave Slumberland, Mort was very determined to go.

Later he would report that the napping was quite wonderful.  He remembered meeting up with Dimple and discussing sea anemones for about an hour.  The next thing he remembered was waking up.  He was still standing up, and felt like he’d just had the best nap of his life.

The other dogs had all gathered around to hear the details.  But weren’t you worried, asked one, that a predator of some kind might have come along?  Oh no, said Mort.  Dimple said nothing escapes the sleeping events, no matter how big or small.  Besides, have you seen Dimple?  Not many would tangle with him.  They hadn’t actually seen Dimple, but they let the comment stand.

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