And then there were birds.

Billie & Regina Argue about Spitting

You want me to what? asked Regina, standing with her back to her sister as instructed.

Walk twenty paces, then turn and spit! said Billie.

Are we having a duel?  Really?  A spit duel?

Yes! said Billie.

You can’t, said Regina.

Can’t what?  Duel?  Sure we can duel!  It won’t hurt.

No.  Spit.  Have you ever spit at anything before?

Not exactly, said Billie.  Should we practice first?

Regina sighed.  You know you have a beak, right?  I don’t think a beak is made for spitting.


Olive's Niece and the Uneventful Visit

Olive was exasperated with her husband.  This habit of sleeping upside down, for one thing, always gave him a headache.  Her husband never connected the two events.  Lack of caffeine was his firm conviction vis-à-vis headache causation.

Either way, he shouldn’t be napping when their niece Gloria came to visit.  But it ran in his side of the family, the constant napping.  Gloria tried to stay awake, but she too fell asleep shortly after her arrival.  Right side up, at least.  His side of the family.

But I made cheesecake! groused Olive.  With licorice!  She huffed about for several minutes then went to check her email.

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