Variations on a Beast(s) Version 1.0

In an effort to track the history of my descent into madness… er, the learning curve of this whole digital coloring business, I hereby present the newest creature(s) with several color variations.  The first is the one I prefer, and will likely have a print made.  The blue one is nice.  The pink one, a mess.  Of course, people being what they are:  both amusing and infuriating, strange, unknowable and endlessly interesting in their variety – someone is bound to like the pink one most.

Maybe I should also mention I have been uploading all these myriad of creatures in 72 dpi.  If one clicks on them, they blow up quite a bit clearer and nicer.  But not so nice, one hopes, that people steal them and print them out and/or pretend they made them.  Which does assume someone will show up here and find them, *and* be a person who wants to steal and/or print them.  On the other hand, many can also be found at Etsy or deviantArt (see the links on the right side of the page)!

Two Dogs, One Beast, in Orange

The dogs had been waiting more than an hour for their guide to arrive. When she finally showed, they did not know what to make of her. Cyrus, the larger dog, was particularly suspicious. This was not a dog. Was it? Had he seen all the other kinds of dogs in the entire world? And besides, what kind of place was this? The chairs were very strange.

He decided, finally, to trust the odd beast. What choice did he have?  Luckily,  the beast turned out to be very nice – although she did not speak dog very well. Mops, the puppy, never experienced a moment of concern. He just followed Cyrus around. You know, like a puppy.

Two Dogs, One Beast, Bare

Two Dogs, One Beast, in Blue

Two Dogs, One Beast, with Pink Planets

Yeah, not sure about the planets.  First of all, they don’t actually look like planets.  If I wanted planets, I should have drawn in some planets before scanning.  They look a bit more like party balls than planets.  In any case, I do not consider the planet/party ball business a success.  I just added this one for another color comparison.