Bird & Bee

Flight of the Bumblebee

This silliness is the response to an online doodle challenge called, surprisingly enough, “Flight of the Bumblebee.”  I was going to put the bee on a plane, or possibly stuck in a long line at the airport, but ended up with this pair.

The bee did consider an airplane, but last time all he got for his trouble was a long layover and a terrible stomach ache from too much Cinnabon.  Besides, he does like the wind in his antennae.

Are you a doodler with an Etsy shop?  If so, you could join in on the fun here.

5 thoughts on “Bird & Bee

  1. Zenobia

    Great challenge response, Cindy! I didn’t see this one in the Doodle team discussion… I think that the bee stuck in a long line would have been a great idea, as well. I love your illustrations – are they digital creations?


  2. admin Post author

    Thank you! It is in the discussion, but only as a link because I don’t have it for sale. Haven’t decided whether to sell any, but even if I did I would have to order prints for the color version (though I hope to buy an archival ink printer soon!)

    All my stuff here is hand-drawn (mostly Micron pens on Bristol board) with digital color added. I’m really just learning the digital color thing, sometimes with horrifying results. :)

  3. Zenobia

    Oh right – I hadn’t looked at the links without pictures yet, so that would be why. Cool – I like the effect of it so might try it myself. What software do you reccommend to digitally colour?

    Thanks in advance!


  4. admin Post author

    I did play around with PhotoShop ages ago, but I don’t have a copy at the moment, so I am using Paint.NET. And I haven’t yet but I may try out GimpShop and/or Inkscape. (All these are free, btw, yay!) Eventually I may even get a drawing tablet but that’s off in the future somewhere, and I do like to draw by hand on real paper.

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