Giraffe with Copic Markers, Steampunk on Safari

Steampunk Giraffe Original Art

This is Sid. Although I do consider him the latest in my steampunk beast portrait series – it wasn’t actually a “series” until I typed that just now- he is not currently displaying any of the Victorian fashion elements the other beasts have had. Partly because sticking a scarf right under a giraffe’s chin seems silly. And once again the creature insisted on being so close to the camera I had no room for even a little hat. Particularly with those pesky ossicones (giraffe’s horns, made of cartilage – thank you Wikipedia).  In fact, he does have a hat.  A sleek, black top hat style thing with brass studs and a microscope device of some sort. But it keeps blowing off. It’s at quite an altitude when he wears it, after all.

At 9″ x 12″ he is slightly bigger than the others, and also slightly too big for my scanner, which only does 8.5″ x 11″. Here are some progress photos, from sketch to completion.  I am a big fan of blog posts with progression shots (if you hadn’t noticed).

Steampunk Giraffe Sketch

Steampunk Giraffe Ink

Steampunk Giraffe Color 0

Steampunk Giraffe Color 1

Steampunk Giraffe Color 2

Steampunk Giraffe Original Art

Finished.  I think.

Thanks for looking!


3 thoughts on “Giraffe with Copic Markers, Steampunk on Safari

  1. Leslie White

    What a riot! Thank you for commenting my way so I could see your work, also. I have never worked with copic markers, but love the color you achieve with these. I also like animals and animal portraiture and you have a fun caricature collection going on, here. This giraffe is a whole lot more interesting for the creative additions. Originality and creativity is alive and well, here!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you for visiting, and thanks for the kind words. I’m back into art after many years away, and having a blast. It’s so nice to find great art blogs like yours! (I’m also late to the blogging game.) ;)

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