Blue Llama with Frisket and Copic Markers

Nell the Blue Llama, Copics

This is Nell, and she has come up in the world quite nicely, benefiting from her predecessors, I think:

The Slumbering Herd Copic Llama Retrospective

The trouble is, I have been doing a lot of dogs lately. And dog noses are not llama noses. It seems I forgot this when crafting Nell’s curious nose. So, she has a doggish, rabbity sort of nose. She seems to like it though.

This was Liquid Frisket Experiment Number 4,which started here:

Blue Frisket Llama Sketch

Blue Frisket Llama, Frisket Phase

So I decided to fill the background before adding the frisket. I knew I would go over the outline of the llama and I didn’t know if it would affect the texture of the background even when peeled off. I filled up the middle with frisket swirls then went over them with several blues. ┬áStarted a little shading but not much. Lost my pencil line in a couple spots, but no disasters.

Blue Frisket Llama Ink

Blue Frisket Llama Ink 2

Blue Frisket Llama

She looks pretty happy, which is nice. I can vouch for the fact that she is, generally, a happy llama. I may have to branch out into (gasp) profiles or (double gasp) a whole llama body. It could happen.

Thanks as ever for dropping in!

12 thoughts on “Blue Llama with Frisket and Copic Markers

  1. San

    Nell is fantastic, I didn’t even notice the doggish nose at first. And yes she definitely seems happy to me too. Love the colors.

    I think your Steampunk Llama totally rocks.

    Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment on my fluid postcards. Thing is I’m quite fluid making those kind of doodles but drawing anything other is still very hard and drawing from imagination is hardest. I’ve seen you like “My neighbor Totoro” too!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Creations By Mit

    Loving Nell & this color pallette! Definitely a llama, dog-nose or not!! And she looks VERY happy – a lot happier than I am with this week’s new challenge – “capable!” :P

  3. Soulful

    Just wanted to stop by and Thank you for visiting my blog. In the process, I’ve gotten a delightful treat! I absolutely enjoy your work! So original! Vibrant! I love to see the process also! AMAZING!!!

  4. bella sinclair

    She is a beaut! And I love her nose. You know who else had a special nose? Rudoph. And we all know how that worked out for him. :)

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