Goofy Dogs in Copic Marker; Tons of Progress Pics

Three Dogs Awaiting Snacks, Copic Markers

It’s probably obvious these three dogs are awaiting snacks, but just in case some non-dog folk pop in, I thought I would go ahead and spell it out. Rarely does the canine specimen sit so still and with such intensity as when it is watching and/or hoping you are getting snacks from one of those bags or boxes of snacks from the snack table or snack cabinet or snack bin.

From left to right: Laurel, Rowan, Ash. (Well don’t look at me. I believe their owner is a botanist. Or an arborist.) Any peanut butter snacks are mighty fine with all, though Laurel shows a slight preference for apple slices.

I lost a bit of the character from the original sketch – Laurel was less serious, less  fluffy, and more puppyish. Rowan had a much shorter forehead and crazily wondrous eyes. However, since I predict many more dogs to come, whether soon or a bit further down the road, I’ve a feeling those two will be back after some adventure or another.

Three Dogs Sketch One

Three Dogs Sketch Two

Three Dogs Color One

Yeah, this is usually where I think I might scrap it. Why did I pick these colors? These are not the colors I was intending.  Arrrgh! Perhaps more color planning/practice is in order. Or just more art – that is usually the answer. Just keep doing. I suppose I decided to continue with these guys to see if I could rescue them.

Three Dogs Color Two

Three Dogs Outline over Color, One

Three Dogs Outline over Color, Two

Three Dogs, Details

Three Dogs Awaiting Snacks, Copic Markers

Copic Multiliners, Micron Pens and Copic Markers, 8″ x 10″ on Canson heavy illustration board with a smooth finish.

I have been overdoing the details lately so stopped before my normal stopping point to let it sit. Thanks for stopping in!


12 thoughts on “Goofy Dogs in Copic Marker; Tons of Progress Pics

  1. Beth Parker

    Yay! What a fun group of pups! I’m pretty sure the one in the middle gets all he wants with one huge chomp. The two in the front are anxiously trying to be faster when the treats come forth. So fun!!! I did a bird series once where they all had stories and names. It was so much fun! I really love your art, Cindy!!

  2. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    Great progression pics! I really love following along and watching the transformation. Gives a little ray of hope to a/one who stops at the “thinking about scrapping it” stage. Press on!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I’d say 70% of my stuff goes through the “ugh, maybe I’ll scrap it” stage. Usually it’s the necessary, initial undercoat colors, particularly in a larger piece where one coat of marker is not very pretty. (In this case, I also had Laurel’s weird ears and Ash’s strange skinny neck, but fortunately we can choose to overlook things in the pursuit of furthering our art.) :D

  3. Susanna

    I think the colors came out very nicely with those lovely pups! It is nice to see the way how you work and how you think about your art work!

    Have a nice weekend, Susanna

  4. Beegirl

    Hi Cindy ~ Thank you so much for stopping by the Burbs and for your kind comments! I really appreciate it. Loving your dogs here..the one on the far right reminds me our my neighbor’s sweet boy Diego. Loving your bright colors. Thanks for the smile. Wishing you a most wonderful weekend!

  5. Lilah

    Very cute!I love the facial expressions. Kind of put upon and confident at the same time.My daughter still insists that our dog Sugar had telekinetic powers that cause you to drop your food so she could eat it. I was immune for some reason.

  6. Rod

    Interesting process…I can see why you thought about scrapping…but you did some amazing work to rescue…the end results are hard to believe in comparison..I’m impressed..a good lesson for all (my bin will always be full though!)

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