Art Blog Interview and Colorful Copic Cats

I would like to take a moment to thank a lovely person named Alex Colombo at Tales for Creative Minds, who posted an interview feature about me and my herd of beasts. It is quite an honor and I can’t thank her enough. As I’m sure you know, every little bit of encouragement helps! And the presentation of the interview is really wonderful so hopefully some of you kind people will go take a peek.

You may have seen my herd of ACEO dogs on these pages recently. I decided to take a break from the dogs and have at some cats. The first is sort of accidentally a raccoon cat (yeah, didn’t quite mean to lay on the eyeliner so thickly), and the second is a kind of circus fox cat, as follows:

Raccoon Cat 2.5" x 3.5" in Copics

Wallace the Circus Cat, in Copics

I attempted some whiskers (and eye reflection) with a white gel pen, but it seems to clog to easily and not provide a consistent line. I might have to look into a paint pen, because often the ability to make a small correction or add a white detail is very handy. If you have any tips for using a gel pen, do tell! (Oh yes, and I do have some liquid frisket but haven’t braved it yet!)

Raccoon Cat is very mysterious and refuses to 1. provide an actual name, or 2. engage in any kind of pleasant conversation whatsoever. Fortunately her brother (yes I know, they don’t look the least bit related!), is much more genial and talkative. His name is Wallace, he loves Muenster cheese wedges (both for eating and juggling) and he is not allowed to tell me his sister’s name.  Just one of those things, I suppose. He is not actually in the circus but please contact him if you happen to know of an outfit that could use a juggling cat.

The progress of Wallace, the Circus Fox Cat:

Circus Cat Sketch

Circus Cat Ink

Circus Cat Color 1

Circus Cat Color 2




Phil the Cat

You may remember Phil, my previous ACEO cat. He still lives with Chaz (a llama) and Dean (a goat), and he asked to be introduced to the newcomers so I thought I would let him wander into this post as well.  Thank you for visiting!

9 thoughts on “Art Blog Interview and Colorful Copic Cats

  1. Jess

    These aceos are great! I’ve yet to find a white pen that works on top of other colours. The ones I’ve come across don;’t seem to flow very well, a bit frustrating. I use white acrylic ink but it can be messy sometimes. :)
    Jess x

  2. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    I love the mysterious raccoon cat. I think you captured the eyes beautifully – especially the glow. How’d you do dat? Also love the raspberry nose and mix of patterns.

    I’ve never heard of liquid frisket, but for some reason it makes me think of brisket – or a frisky biscuit. Now I really must get another cup of coffee…

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Liquid frisket is the stuff you paint on canvas (I think most often used by watercolorists), and then after the paint is dry you can sort of rub off the frisket to reveal the natural paper underneath – so a neat way to do details. Inspired by Leslie White’s work (see her link at the side of the page!)

  3. Karen Sagovac

    Loving the cats – especially Racoon Cat! I don’t think he needs another name – he’s cool, mysterious and all about the eyes. And green eyes are very mysterious, especialy with the little added swirl detail. Think I’m in love with Racoon Cat…

  4. Koosje

    Cindy, that’s so cool! Congrats on the interview!
    Phil is great, but the colours of the racoon cat really speak to me, and a circus cat!? Love it!

  5. Koosje

    I just read the interview. Nice!
    It’s really nice to read a bit about your background. Your Artwork is awesome and so are your stories!

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