Illustration Friday “Forward” & Pink Cat Beasts

Forward Isn't Always

I posted this last night but kept thinking the black background was too severe. This morning I made version 2 (with slightly different wording):

Forward Isn't Always, v. 2

I had been meaning to do both cats and whole animal bodies for a change. I was a bit stumped by “forward” at Illustration Friday, but finally¬†figured a stalking cat would be a good challenge. I had trouble with it! In fact, I almost scrapped it at several points.

In the end, I am sort of pleased with this poster-type slogan thing I came up with. The quote went through a lot of re-writes before I settled on this one. (Another option would be about trying to go in too many directions at once.) (Also I’m not positive about the grammar! But I don’t mind.) The font is UglyQua, which reminds me a bit of the font Edward Gorey often used. It might also be overused but I am not a font expert so I don’t know and I certainly hope it doesn’t offend any snotty super nice design people. ¬†(click on image for a better look!)

I didn’t set out to do a double cat beast, but I was not happy with the original background so had to change my plans mid-flight (which often leads to better places). I was going to do a striped wallpaper wall and an oval rug beneath the (single) cat beast. When that didn’t work, I pulled the cat beast out of the page with Paint.NET, made a double by flipping him, and added the background and text digitally. Not 100% happy with the patterns on him but I was experimenting and that doesn’t always work out! Some progress pics:

Stalking Cat Beast Sketch 1

Stalking Cat Beast Sketch 2

Stalking Cat Beast Copic Color 1

Stalking Pink Cat Beast, Copics with Digital Background

33 thoughts on “Illustration Friday “Forward” & Pink Cat Beasts

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    I think they’re purrrrrfect! Sorry – couldn’t resist!
    Seriously though, I like the tension in their bodies; just like real cats stalking. Also the 2nd background choice was purrr – I mean, just right!

  2. Rod MacGregor

    Good work Cindy, nice take on the idea..Reminds me of a quote I saw today from John lennon who said “How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing.”

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Oh my goodness! Perhaps “it’s a small (blog)world, after all”? (Egad! Quick, go put a different song in your head!) Also, thank you!

  3. Abby

    I really love the final result, and I always enjoy how you share your thought and work process with us! And the cats themselves – you’ve really captured the whole stalking pose. I can practically see them moving gracefully forward!

  4. Tracey Fletcher King

    Came to visit after your wonderful comment, and love love love your work…. illustrators blow me away with their talent and you are now one of my new favourites…. you have captured that stalking pose brilliantly… have a great week…xx

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Sometimes I worry my comments are a tad overlong on other folks’ blogs (inspired by silliness, is usually the reason). So glad you stopped over and thank you kindly!

  5. Jane

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your comments about my art. I like the new background and the text as well. You are wonderfully clever and creative. Hugs.

  6. dd

    Very good idea. I congratulate you!
    the illustration is excellent.
    Good comment from Rod:)
    (How complicated is to leave a comment here, too many letters and numbers to type in the word of the pasword, Ok, anyway I wanted to write, thanks for your comment):)
    :) :) :)

  7. The Beast Tender Post author

    So sorry the interface is complicated! Maybe I’ll try to find another one, (though this one has kept out the spam very well). Thanks to everyone for the comments!

  8. shirley

    What a great concept and super illustration! I love the text..great job. I think you really captured that stalking pose so well! Thank you so much for your very kind visit!

  9. bella sinclair

    Slinky cat, I adore you! This is really cool. Great pattern, and the pink against the black and gray packs a punch. Oooh, and I think that’s a GREAT slogan! Nice job! Off to stalk sideways now. :)

    ps. Glad to see you are letting more dogs out. They look fabulous! Woof woof

  10. AHAnto

    I like version 2, myself. Surface designs really work for me. Wondered about that front paw though – what was it nudging? Reaching for? Hmmm…

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Tragically, the paw is a victim of my tendency to start in the wrong spot and/or fill up the page. My beasts are often missing ears for the same reason! I like the mystery of the reaching paw but it may not be ideal for the composition.

  11. Jennifer

    Love this piece…and been sucked into your website here….fantastic work….I’ll be stopping back often!

    Thanks for stopping over at looking at the Koala pirates….updated it and added the color.

  12. karen

    Nice interpretation of forward Cindy… your cats look great! Very cool that you work with Copic Markers… I’ve wanted to experiment with them myself for awhile now. Thank you for your many kind comments in my direction.

  13. erin

    so love that you show your process it’s great! (I never really noticed steampunk stuff before but now, because of your blog, it’s become part of my world.)

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