Goofy Yet Serious ACEO Dogs with Copics

Goofy Yet Serious ACEO Dogs in Copics

Clockwise from top left: Ernie, Emma, Annabelle, Rufus

Goofy? Check. Serious? Check. Rufus looks a bit like a lioness? Check.

I’m not sure what it is about groups of things like this, but I like them. And I particularly like staying in the same few color families, repeating specific colors while still achieving variety. I had some trouble deciding on the arrangment. I thought the mainly yellow backgrounds should be opposite. But then I thought the two with more pinks should be opposite. Anyway, I’ve done another version:

Goofy Yet Serious ACEO Dogs in Copics, Second

Do you have a preference? I actually left off the black framing lines in the second as well (which is the same style as my first 4-ACEO print, mentioned a couple posts ago at the beginning of the ACEO dog craze in which I currently find myself. And not unpleasantly, I might add).

I may update this post shortly with the further adventures of Bear and Millie, suspiciously absent from this group. On the one hand, a quartet is only four. On the other hand, Bear found out that Millie plays a mean game of cribbage, and Bear had been looking for a Cribbage partner for AGES. So you can probably imagine why they are the last to arrive.

UPDATE: Millie has arrived. The Cribbage marathon is ongoing, as Millie and Bear have each won six games.

ACEO Dog Millie with Copic Multiliners and Markers

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7 thoughts on “Goofy Yet Serious ACEO Dogs with Copics

  1. Koosje

    Oowee, these are really nice. Great colour scheme and combinations. I like the first option the best, it’s more balanced that way. And the black frame lines give some extra power to the illustrations.
    Great quartet, and Milie’s beautiful, too!

  2. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    Awwww! You draw a mean Chihuahua (and by “mean” I mean “cute”)! That’s the look I see on my son’s Chi. I like the first quartet best, and the bold lines, too. I just love the way you tweak the different doggy elements in each one to give them that individual look. I’m constantly deciding “I like this one best” and then, “No, this one’s my fave” – round and round on these quartets!

  3. Curious Art

    Love the goofy-serious combination! Come to think of it, that’s the way I prefer to approach life in general. ;-)

    The top version is my favorite– I like the background contrast & the outlines work so well with the lines in the art.

    p.s. I just answered your Photoshop question on Oddments.

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