Illustration Friday “Suspense” – A Copic Sheep

Suspense Sheep Poster, Copic Markers with Digital Text

This week at Illustration Friday: Suspense.

I was intent on using a sheep in a suspenseful setting. But what? First, I drew the sheep. I added one curled lip with a fang underneath! Vampire sheep! No, no, the vampire thing is so 2000’s. Then I thought, wall of flames! But no, flame colors would be too close to the sheep’s color. Then I thought, black hole! And I sort of went with black hole, but I decided on blue and the resulting effect was much more reminiscent of a temporal anomaly than a black hole. Which works for me. (Is “temporal anomaly any kind of thing outside of Star Trek? … Didn’t think so.)

Suspense Sheep Sketch

Suspense Sheep Color 1

I did something different here. Instead of an initial ink, I just left the pencil and blocked in some colors. One of my recurring problems is smearing the black ink, so I was trying to avoid that. It looks rather dreadful in this state, however. Scrap it? No way!

Suspense Sheep Ink 1

A basic outline in 0.1 Copic multiliner helps a great deal.

Suspense Sheep Color 2

The temporal anomaly. I kind of like the way the center of the anomaly is looking in this one, I probably shouldn’t have messed with it. Also, the dark blue/purple at the far right is rather a disaster and I left it looking far too markery but I left it for now. At this point I knew what the title would be.

Suspense Sheep 6" x 9" Poster, Copic Markers with Digital Text

I figured I still needed to work in the “Suspense” thing a bit more, decided to include the title on the drawing, and went with another poster type product like I did with my stalking cat in the “Forward” challenge. (UglyQua is the font again.) Adding the text element is fun and I predict this won’t be the last!

9:00 Saturday evening in Chicagoland, and 141 entries already posted. Thank you so much for dropping by mine!



32 thoughts on “Illustration Friday “Suspense” – A Copic Sheep

  1. Ces

    I like your color combinations. I also like reading about your process and about you and I scrolled through your blog. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

  2. Curious Art

    Haha, sheep really do have such poker faces… who knows what they’re hiding behind those mysteriously placid countenances… even the brightly-colored ones.

    The title made me think of Douglas Adams. And that is always a good thing. :-)

  3. The Beast Tender Post author

    Haha, Douglas Adams. That’s awesome. Thank you both for your nice comments.

  4. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    How do you come up with these? So odd – and yet somehow fitting! A/one who has ever looked a sheep in the eye knows there is s/g up behind that seemingly innocuous stare.

    Always interesting & entertaining!

  5. bella sinclair

    Ooooooh, I’m feeling the suspense. Temporal anomaly. Ha! Very cool and psychedelic. I love the effect. Such a stately sheep. And I love watching the layers grow! So awesome! You know just where to put in the patterns and where to leave it be for the best effect.

  6. Richard Ewing

    “Been there, done that.” is what came to mind first off when looking at his expression. ~~ For me the suspense is what he’ll do next… or will the temporal anomaly take care of that for him?
    Your colors put me in mind of Blue Meanies and Nowhere Men, perhaps he’ll float through the Sea of Holes.



  7. Abby

    Gee, I can’t decide! Mastermind or unwitting pawn? Your sheep looks so very wise, but then again, he’s a sheep. Very fun!

  8. Linda Hensley

    Wonderful colors and patterns! Love the WIP shots too. It’s always nice to see the process of how something came to be instead of just voila here it is! Still smiling from your description of it too :)

  9. bjornik

    Really nice colors Cindy. I didn’t know that copic markers can be used to create illustrations as awesome as this. Learned a lot from your progress pictures.:)

  10. Zoe

    Delighted to be introduced to your work! Love the colors, the patterns, and the strong graphic style. And you pulled off “suspenseful sheep”. Nicely done.

    You mentioned monty python’s “how not to be seen” on my blog. I had not seen it, but now I have, and my morning is definitely the better for it.

  11. Karen Sagovac

    Its late and for some reason sheep make me sleepy. Maybe I’m just sleepy anyway? This sheep is definitely the mastermind – he (she?) has a hypnotic look in her (his?) eyes… I’m feeling sleepier…

  12. erica

    i really like how you show the process that takes you to the end result. thanks for stopping by commenting on my drawing as well. i am going to check out some more of your artwork now…

  13. Beegirl

    Next to chickens, I’ve always wanted to keep sheep. Managed to smuggle a few chickens under the radar for a few years, but sheep? Would be a little harder to hide. Great sketch! Have a great weekend!

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