Umbrella for Monday Artday with Copic Markers

Artemis Umbrella, 9" x 6" with Copic Markers

My first challenge for Monday Artday! The challenge: “Umbrella”. An interesting creature Artemis, and I do love the flowing locks of an Afghan Hound! But I wish I’d used a larger piece of Canson 150 lb. Fanboy Drawing Pad. See, I haven’t found smaller than a 9×12 pad and my scanner only does 8.5×11, so I have to choose between not scanning, cutting the paper down slightly and wasting the edges, or cutting it in half and doing two 9×12’s.

I have been doing Illustration Friday since October 23rd, 2011, and I could not love it more (I missed a few, as to be expected). Well actually, I could love it more if spammers didn’t link there but otherwise, it is such a great thing I can hardly stand it and I cannot thank Penelope Dullaghan enough for creating it.

However, in my continuing quest to DO LOTS OF ART, I have been looking for another challenge in case I need a content nudge between each IF topic (as my goal is 2-3 new art posts per week). With all my bouncing around to the hundreds of artists at IF and their favorite links, I ran across Monday Artday a few times, and finally took the plunge.

In any case, here are some Artemis Umbrella progress shots:

Artemis Umbrella, progress sketch & frisket

Artemis Umbrella, color 1 and 2

Artemis Umbrella, 9" x 6" Copic Markers

Some things I like (she was too small to go overboard with detailing), and some less so (her right arm is odd and the angle of the umbrella/parasol is off and the cropping is not ideal). But otherwise not too bad. I didn’t mess with the background after peeling the frisket. Oh! I used a masquepen recommended by Mardi Speth and holy cow, so much better than a brush or other struggle. Thank you, Mardi!

Thanks for stopping by! (Tactful) criticism always welcome!

9 thoughts on “Umbrella for Monday Artday with Copic Markers

  1. Nadiah Najib

    Hi Cindy!

    I love that you’re wanting to DO LOTS OF ARTS and I hope you do because it’s a great pleasure looking through your beautiful drawings. It’s also great to see a fellow llama lover! They’re soo cute! Hehehe. Keep it up ok! :)

  2. Koosje

    Flowing locks indeed, and a wonderful frock! I absolutely love illustration friday as well :) This picture is just perfect and well fitted as today it was raining cats and dogs here!

  3. Beth Parker

    Oh my gosh! I have missed so much while my computer was down! I’ll probably be back and forth here all day, commenting. This is really wonderful, Cindy! I love the little cats and dogs that are raining down, too! Very wonderful artwork!!!

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