IF Shades, Wombat and Chihuahua

Wombat and Chihuahua Copic Ghosts

I’ve been meaning to do a wombat for ages! So my choices for Illustration Friday “shades” included – wombat with sunglasses (shades) or a wombat in front of window shades or in shades of a particular color, or a wombat ghost (shade). My first wombat is a wombat ghost! His name is Nigel. And he wouldn’t be complete if he weren’t haunting the place with his best friend Gabriel the Chihuahua (also a ghost).

Their friendship is a tale of incredible mystery and adventure, but we’ll have to save that for another time. Suffice it to say they met their untimely ends together during an escape attempt from a trio of American kidnappers in Venice sometime in 1974. They haunt the Venetian tavern where they lived with a quiet Irishman for  eight years after being won in a dice game from their former owner, a globetrotting Tasmanian.

I am not sure they look entirely like shades in the final above. But how about 2 scans ago:

Wombat and Chihuahua, Somewhat More Ghostly

I can’t decide which I prefer. The background is definitely unfinished in this one, but I could have left the critters alone. Let me show you the whole process:

Wombat and Chihuahua Sketch

Wombat and Chihuahua Color 1

Wombat and Chihuahua Frisket

On Nigel here I went over frisket with three shades of gray then peeled off the frisket. On Gabriel you can see the Masquepen (frisket) in blue, with no marker yet.

Wombat and Chihuahua Color 2

Gabriel colored with 2 grays and one gray-purple so the ghosts would not be quite the same color. I suppose I could have left the eyes white. That’s rather ghostly.

Wombat and Chihuahua, Somewhat More Ghostly

This would have been a stopping place for the figures, but the wall and tabletop need somehelp.

Wombat and Chihuahua Color 3

Wombat and Chihuahua Copic Ghosts

I don’t know, the more I look at them, the more ghostly they seem, though they did not need the extra thick black outline. I can say with certainty I have never drawn a wombat ghost, or any animal ghost, before this challenge. And though I do get a kick out of steampunk trend-wise, I don’t have much enthusiasm for the whole zombie thing. But ghosts, that’s totally different! Right? Thanks for coming!

Photo inspiration from Wombats! and Chihuahua Pictures.

36 thoughts on “IF Shades, Wombat and Chihuahua

  1. Gay McKinnon

    AT LAST – the world’s finest, noblest beast!! Well done Cindy, you have captured the wombat’s mild expression and colour beautifully! I like the soft warm colours. They do look more ghostly a couple of scans ago but I like the finished BG.

    The only thing I object to is your slanderous comment that a globetrotting Tasmanian gambled him in a dice game. This would never happen. His little face would make me feel too guilty.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you for your persistence, Gay! (As I shake my fist at my service provider.) If it helps, I believe the fault was more with the extremely persuasive Irishman who won them, than with the Tasmanian. Perhaps the Tasmanian noted the immediate rapport the two developed with their new Irish friend, and he felt it was time they settled down in one place (particularly Nigel, who often got seasick on smaller boats).

  2. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    The tavern environment seems perfect for the Wombat. He looks like a bartender leaning forward to take your order, a slightly sympathetic yet distant expression on his face. “What’ll it be, mate?” And his sidekick looks expectant, like he waiting for the story.

    I don’t know much (read nada) about Wombat anatomy, but the Gabriele’s upper torso and funny little sturdy legs remind me of my Chi, so well done!

  3. Suzanne VanBrunt

    I truly love the stories you put to your work! I never know what to write on mine….let a alone name them. I also love how you break down the work as it’s being done! Beautiful

  4. Minnemie Murphy

    Your wonderfully wacky ideas (and that you are actually able to pen them down so well) never cease to bring a smile to my face:-) I think Dr. Seuss would have loved your creatures too! I like the way you blend your colors and how effective a hint here and there are to create shape and depth.

  5. Richard Ewing

    I can’t wait to hear the 1974 Chihuahua/Wombat adventure. Do they speak the same language?.. maybe a mix: Chihuambat?
    I think the top one is the best of the set, and I agree with you about not needing the extra thick black outline… losing the edges helps un-define your ghosts. The color choices are well chosen for ghostliness.


  6. Cathy Holtom

    Those two get around, I hope they are friendly ghosts! I like the the 2nd image best, I love the way they blend into the background in a ghostly way.

  7. Abby

    Congratulations on your first wombat! And a ghost no less. I actually wasn’t sure what a wombat looked like and you got me to google them. They’re cute, and well represented here!

  8. Sarah

    Haa! I love that you drew a wombat… so quirky! I love your super colorful animals, but these gray ones have a great feeling to them.

  9. Karen Sagovac

    Fantastic illo of a wombat! Think i prefer the 2nd version although both are great! How do you think of these strange animal combinations? It all makes perfect sense when I read your story though… love it!

  10. Duncan Lee

    Love the wombat and the chihuahua too. My daughter Edie liked your dogs and liked the use of the swirls, I think she wants to have a go a drawing like that. Thanks for the comment – Despicable Me is one of my favourites.

  11. Ruth

    This is fun. Wombats are so cute and seen quite cuddley. Have you ever thought of doing a Tasmanian devil (one of my favs since I studied them at the Brookfield zoo eons ago)? A devil’s black coat would look very distinquished with your swirls. And what a story he would tell.

    I kind of like the more obvious swirls in the earlier application, but then they would look less ghostly wouldn’t they.

    And I love Artemis in the previous post. She looks quite the lady with her parasol.

  12. jkharney

    Makes me want to draw wombats! Love the detail of the swirls and they make for such great texture without overwhelming the work. Nice stuff!

  13. Susanna

    How nice the wombat, it is not an animal i think so quick of to draw!! They look very cute together.
    I like the soft colors you have used.

  14. Ann

    This is fantastic Cindy! How wonderful your illustration is and how you did capture your ghostly quality! I always do lean towards darker lines but with this illo I do like the lighter version.More ghostly. I must also say thanks for your sweet comments and inform me on my blog. Changing this up a bit. You left a comment anyway! :D
    All the thought that went into it and your choice of these fabulous animals with those names! AH! Wonderfully done!

  15. Kim S

    I want to squeeze Nigel’s chubby cheeks! And thank you for not going the easier, Zombie route; ghosts are always a welcome sight.


  16. Beth Parker

    I can honestly say I have never heard the phrase “I’ve been meaning to do a wombat for ages!” It made me smile! I think you did an exceptional job on your lovely ghosts! That would be extremely difficult and you pulled it off beautifully!!! Good job!!

  17. bella sinclair

    Ghostly critters! Whoa! So sad that these two have met their maker, but it makes me happy to know that they have each other. That is some crazy, wild story about their history. I do hope to hear more about it. Very intriguing!

    And great Umbrella piece below too. You are fantastically productive!

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