Miscalculation Leads to Llama-Cat, Copic Markers

Miscalculation Leads to Llama Cat, 8×10 Copic Markers

Miscalculation, for my second Monday Artday submission. My main regret with this is that I didn’t take the time to create some eye contact or other communication between Figgy and the Llama-Cat. Also, maybe there should be some indication of magic at the end of the wand. (I added some silly sparks digitally in a version at the end of this post.)

Figgy was captured here in a bit of a state of shock right after the event. You might expect the same of the Llama-Cat, but she didn’t seem very bothered. Of course it’s several months since the events pictured above, and the two are (usually) great friends, sharing a love of buttered croissants. Also repeated viewings of Milo and Otis.

Many work in progress pics:

Llama Cat Sketch


Llama Cat Ink

Llama Cat Color 1

Instead of my usual swirls, I kept the masquepen down the whole time and did messier swirls. I don’t love it as much as the kind with the curly-q ends but I am trying to expand my toolkit!

Llama Cat Color 2

Yes, this is the point where I say yack! These colors are not working! Mainly the clownish blue and green stripes on the robe. But I have learned to stay the course through these stages.

Llama Cat Color 3

Llama Cat Detail 1

Llama Cat Detail 2

Llama Cat Detail 3

Llama-Cat with Digital Sparks!

This was fun. More full figures (rather than heads only), a different color palette (for me), and some general silliness. Thanks for dropping in!

9 thoughts on “Miscalculation Leads to Llama-Cat, Copic Markers

  1. San

    I really, really, really like it. The story is hilarious, croissants sound fabulous. And watching your process is sooo interesting.
    The sparks are not needed and I think neither is the eye contact. It’s apparent that it is the moment right after Figgy finished and realized what he’s done. It’s only logical that he hangs his head.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    I agree – no sparks or eye contact needed.To me it looks like Figgy is a generally bumbling sort who doesn’t do well at staying focused. I think of him as just finishing the spell, with his mind just a tad elsewhere, and he’s just about to discover his mistake.

    I like the full figures and the use of shadows. And of course the overall grand sense of silly! ;)

  3. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thank you, guys! Yeah, I agree about the sparks. As for the eye contact, mainly I thought the llama-cat could use a little more life in his face, but perhaps because he’s just materialized it takes a few minutes. ;)

  4. Kim S

    My first thought – I wish I could conjure a Llama-Cat. My second thought – Where would I get a big enough litter box?

    Love the process photos and the delightful story line.

  5. bella sinclair

    Hehehe, no miscalculation here. Watching your grow from sketch to finish IS like watching magic. I drink in the transformations with my eyes wide open.

    I want a Llama cat!

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