Stork and Chameleon for Illustration Friday

Stork and Chameleon 8x10 Copic Markers

She rather liked the company, if you want to know the truth. Other storks were so… tiresome, always talking about the latest bugs they ate, always trying to outdo each other. Lucille preferred to spend her days hunting for snacks and shiny objects in a plodding, unhurried manner. The chameleon was welcome to tag along, even if she had to pretend he wasn’t.┬áIn her mind she named him Douglas.

Swamp is the word at Illustration Friday. I believe I have veered somewhat from my normally goofy characters, though I suppose making them pink and purple helps. Considered adding leaves or plants, or some flying bugs, but didn’t want to busy it up too much. I am pretty pleased about the wood stork. Inspirational photo came from For the Love of Florida photography blog (last updated 2008!). Undecided about the color scheme. I was going to do a blue swamp, with only shades of blue, and you can see how that worked out.

And now, progress pics! By next time I may have figured out how to post a slideshow, which I think is a cooler way to view progress pics. No plans on videos though. But then again, I don’t own a cell phone. (Unless you count the pay-as-you-go one that has been sitting unused for eight months because I can’t be bothered to look up the code for adding minutes.)

Stork and Chameleon Sketch

Stork and Chameleon Ink

Stork and Chameleon Color 1

I thought this was pretty cool and I tried to decide whether to leave the trees or the animals white. But then I couldn’t do it. Arrgh!

Stork and Chameleon Color 2

(The eeek, why did I pick these colors stage!)

Stork and Chameleon Color 3

Stork and Chameleon Detail 1

Stork and Chameleon Detail 2

Thanks so much for visiting!

34 thoughts on “Stork and Chameleon for Illustration Friday

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! But your drawings are quite detailed (and sometimes creepy). ;)

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    Hi! As much as I like your beast-bust portraits (that didn’t come out right – well whateveryacallit when its heads, shoulders but no knees and toes, knees and toes), I’m really liking this new direction with more full-figured critters. (Hmmm, makes ’em sound like politically correct fatties. Coming from one who should know! Now, where did I put those double-fudge brownies…) I especially like your chameleon. And I agree with Lucille – he probably IS following her since he’s matched her color scheme so nicely!

  2. Nadiah Najib

    I love that both Lucille and Douglas are purple! :D Cindy, even without the slideshow I still enjoy scrolling down the progress photos. I wish to know though how/what you did to get to progress two from the original sketch. I use the Livetrace on Illustrator CS4, but every time I do so my drawing still looks a little ‘rough’ (sketchy edges). Thanks again for your comment and sharing this wonderful wonderful drawing! :)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you so much! If you mean how did I do the ink stage? It’s all by hand, and I can usually make corrections if needed. I use a .01 Copic multiliner nib for the initial outline, mostly to use as a guide when coloring in the part with the liquid frisket. If it seems I have a steady hand it may be due to hours and hours of pen and ink work, but it can still be quite wobbly on occasion. :)

  3. Minnemie Murphy

    OK, I love that you do not own/use a cellphone:-) The texture changes in the grass/reeds really adds… well I am not sure what it adds, but it is very interesting and I like it. And the stork’s neck cracks me up: looks like she is really be-e-e-nding it in order to keep an eye on her little follower!

  4. Amanda Pollard

    Beeeeeautiful, as always! The contrast between the very intricate patterning on Lucille (and her chameleon-shaped ‘shadow’, of course…!) and the delicate, almost batik-print style swirls of the swamp is wonderful. I really like the mangrove-esque roots, too :)
    P.S. Thanks for your comments on my blog – always appreciated! I must now retrieve my head from the Bologna-Book-Fair clouds and get on with my own IF offering for this week (and piles of other stuff – tho, frankly, these are far less fun and, ergo, much less likely to be achieved any time soon…)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you for the kind words. Also, I closed the italics! Crisis averted. ;)

  5. AmyV

    Beautiful illustration, love all the tiny intricate patterning and the way the branches come round to frame the characters – amazing!

  6. shirley

    Fabulous! I love Lucille and Douglas..two names in my family, coincidentally! : ) You are so’s always such a treat to visit!

  7. christinelosy

    Hi there,

    Lovely illustration :) They’re always so wonderful. I like how you post your process, especially without fancy slideshows and whatnot. I think it’s great the way it is.

  8. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thanks so much, folks!
    Beth, thank you for visiting all those posts!
    Christine, I’m glad you like the work in progress posted as is, as I’m not sure how soon I’ll get around to that slideshow business. ;)

  9. paintblotch

    I’m glad you picked those colours :) I think the end result is great! Love that little chameleon. Cindy, next time I want to fiddle around with copic markers, I am coming straight here to learn. You are my guru.

  10. Koosje

    I think the color scheme works great! It looks hot and damp, like a swamp should … And the pin and prple animals… Yep works for me! The text cracked me up. Lucille is quite serious about things, isn’t she?

  11. Karen Sagovac

    Its good to do something different now and then – keeps everyone on their toes! The colour scheme is quite subdued (for you) but works really well and suits the mood of the scene. This piece has a contemplative seriousness to it – really like the vertical pattern in the background and the tree roots. Also love the blue legs…

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