Illustration Friday, Puppy and Cow, Copics

Yield for Illustration Friday, Puppy and Cow

Before the new topic came out at Illustration Friday this week, I had sketched a very silly but promising cow:

Cow Sketch

I figured she made the perfect platform for something, but what? And then the topic “yield” was posted, so I thought about how I could use this cow and that word and what I came up with was to put a giant pie on her head with the words, “The apple tree produced more than double the yield of the previous year due in no small part to the fertilization efforts of Hannah the cow.”

Cow pie. Fertilizer. Yeah, not a highbrow moment. I’m ok with that. But I didn’t think a pie would be visually very interesting. I have since decided a pie would have been totally doable – but I went with cute, in the end. Which may be cheap but so is cow pie. ;)

Cow and Puppy Sketch

Cow and Puppy Mask

This was actually a really great blue that I lost with too many light colored coats. Alas!

Cow and Puppy Color 1

And this is the stage where I say to myself, ugh, this is not going well. But that always happens in the beginning color stages so I don’t despair quite as much as I once did. Which is good. Unless you’re one of those people who thinks inspiration is only sparked by misery. I am not.

Cow and Puppy Color 2

Cow and Puppy Color 4

I really need to finish all of the color before adding the black ink (which isn’t supposed to smudge, but does a bit!) Lots of muddy spots as a result. Probably could have done more with the background but a decent effort overall. ┬áThank you for coming!

Note: In case you didn’t know, I have put a detailed tutorial on how to make yourself a thumbnail for IF (or avatar or other tiny image), on my sidebar near the top of the page. I hope someone finds it useful! A thumbnail will get you more views than no thumbnail.

45 thoughts on “Illustration Friday, Puppy and Cow, Copics

  1. Linda Hensley

    My dog seems to say the same thing to me every day :) I yield to her all the time and to your cute puppy too. Love the colors and patterns, especially the flowers on the cow.

  2. Irina Lib

    How can you not yield to the cuteness overload? I like how you introduced a gradient to your background pattern. It gives the piece nice depth and adds interest.

  3. Ruth

    At last I am on my pc and can comment. For some reason my husband’s mac doesn’t want me too. I love the little dog on his trusty steed. He seems to like his non-traditional mount. I liked the horses/dog picture several posts ago too. You seem to be using the frisket technique to good advantage in these.

    I think a little book of your animals is a great idea. There are so many opportunities for self publishing now that are fairly inexpensive it seems silly not to at least check it out.

  4. Amanda Pollard

    Brilliant, as always. And I, too, gladly yield to the cuteness :) I really love seeing your process sketches and how these marvellous, magical creatures burst into colourful resplendence over time – amazing stuff!

  5. Bilja

    This is so wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing all the steps of creation. I am new to your blog, so I’ll go check your previous entries to see more of your wonderful work.

  6. Beth Parker

    This is awesome, Cindy! I love how you do your sweet critters!!! I finally entered one, just a minute ago. I hope I did it right, because I didn’t put any text on the painting or anything. Thanks for being so supportive and egging me on. :)

  7. Lisa Guarino

    Cute-ness yields. yes. Like.
    I like you’re texture/patterns in you’re work. Unique and lovely.

    oh, thanks for stopping by too. ;_)

    Best to you

  8. Gay McKinnon

    I do yield, I do! Actually I don’t think the cow needed anything … it was lovely all by itself … but I do like the way the dog is riding on it. Hey, how did the colours get lighter – do you have white markers? The subtle variations in colour on the cow’s nose come through gorgeously at the end. I like the bulging eye with the eyelash too.
    Do you know that picture book ‘Cow’ by Malachy Doyle with paintings by Angelo Rinaldi? You’d love the close ups of cows’ faces.

  9. crotchety comics

    So what are you saying? Just throwing in a cute puppy makes everything alright?? Well, kinda I guess. Maybe we should pass out cute puppies in Afghanistan today. Worth a try. Ha.

    Oh yeah; thank you Hannah. I likes dem apples.

  10. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thanks so much for all the nice comments! I appreciate every one. :) Hooray Minnemie, let me know if you have any trouble with it!

  11. Karen Sagovac

    Love love love your swirly effects (as you know…)! That little dog just looks too cool sitting up there like royalty. He has a look on his face that says “Whatever…”. Love the angle of the cows head too – definitely made for carrying VIRD’s (very important royal dogs) ;)

  12. bella sinclair

    Yes, Master! Your wish is my command. Woweee, that is a superb cow. LOVE her pose. You should have been chosen to decorate one of those large cow sculptures that popped up around cities. And oh yes, I have puppy love! :D

    I would have loved pie too.

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