Mermaid with Pearls in Her Hair, an ATC Riddle

Pearl’s Face, made from one half ATC and one half flipped copy

This image was created from an ATC of half of Pearl’s face (see below), and a digital flipped copy for the other half. I hadn’t planned to do exactly half a face, but I did a decent job of it. Except  it’s just a bit unnerving, I think because of the uncanny valley effect. Or maybe because where the two sides join is not quite right. Here’s the actual ATC:

Mermaid with Pearls in her Hair
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, Microns, gel pen

And then there’s my next question. Would this be considered digital art? An original version does not exist outside the computer, but in creating it I used only the most minimal of graphics program tools. Multimedia? Hmm! I guess it’s not really a riddle but I don’t know the answer. Do you?

Pearl is Maiden number 75, three quarters of the way to the finish! Thanks for visiting!

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24 thoughts on “Mermaid with Pearls in Her Hair, an ATC Riddle

  1. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    Pearl is amazing and uses the best of both worlds! Can’t believe that you did 1/2 the face so perfectly by itself – nobody would ever guess that from looking at her completed visage!

  2. Denise

    She so beauty to see. I had to zoom in order to try and find the valley effect. Not that I saw an effect then either. She is enchanting to be sure.

  3. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thanks everyone! Like I said, putting the two sides together was kind of an afterthought, and it was a lot of luck it turned out to fit together so nicely. :)

  4. Susan

    I think you have given me some new ideas. What program were you using to do the digital flipped copy.
    Love her pearls.

  5. minnemie

    Ha, interesting observation about the uncanny valley effect:-) I wonder how different she would look if you drew the other side of her face?

  6. Elena Caravela

    Love your pearl effect, especially against her green completion. As to your question re:digital art, I’d call it digital if at least half of the piece was digitally created, and if the final piece is a print. Wonder what Wiki says…

  7. Leslie White

    I think you did great composing her digitally, Cindy. I don’t know the answer to your question about the digital stuff. I like the half face the best. The peek at reality for this mermaid. The fact that she is colored green made me think of “Elphaba”, the fictional witch found in the pages of the book, “Wicked”.

  8. clara nilles

    Fascinating… flip. Its a great idea to get perfect semetry. It looks fine…..I see no distortions nor any other effects. I DO like the half color/half BW effect….I may try something like that.

  9. Mom

    Pearl is certainly a beauty!! And I remember that you have been using swirls way back when still in HS!! & #75-can you believe you’ve done so many?? Your so proud Mom!!

  10. Koosje Koene

    ‘Not quite right’? I don’t see that. What a gorgeous face! And her pearly hair is beautiful too!
    I’d say this is a ‘Mixed media’ piece of art, because it’s built out of hand made original parts.
    Oh and actually, I like the original ATC VERY much – the half face.
    Great choice of colours too.

  11. nini

    Wow! I love the colors used here, the silver hair and green skin. She is a perfect mermaid!

    I like the card better too, for exactly the thing you refer too (even though I’ve never heard of it). But faces are never symmetrical so I guess it’s bothering me on totally subconscious level. Funny.

    And yeah, it’s digital. It exists only in the digital world and you’d have to print it out to hold. Could be mixed media as well, but mixed digital :D

  12. moonsword

    Glowingly stunning! The green/grey/yellow color balance is perfect.
    Uncanny Valley…truly fascinating but the name makes me think of a place you drive into and get hopelessly lost. Sort of a ravine of no return. ;)

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