Gargoyles Art Cards in Copics

Teeth Gargoyle & Mutton Chop Gargoyle
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

Submitted for the topic “Wild” at Illustration Friday. Now perhaps you don’t think of gargoyles as wild because you think of them as stone statues. If so, you have clearly never seen one leave its perch in the dead of night!

Fortunately, these four specimens are not the man or woman eating type. They are pacifist gargoyles. However, they look extra wild and dastardly in order to hang with the other gargoyles. Though mostly the quiet ones keep to themselves, occasionally gathering for Mystery Science Theater night.

Canine Gargoyle and Denim Gargoyle
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

These four guys were created for an art card swap. I’m quite pleased with the eyes, which I’ve been working on improving.

Thanks for stopping by!

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23 thoughts on “Gargoyles Art Cards in Copics

  1. minnemie

    I need one of those to help end the bed time delaying tactics employed by my little vikings nowadays…

  2. Alicia Gorecki

    I see you have been working on the eyes! I am partial though to those lovely bulbous eyelids on that first gray guy! The Cindy patterning also adds a certain “cuteness” to them, I don’t know if I would go as far as to say approachable but at least a bit cute:)

  3. Rod MacGregor

    These Are certainly wild ones!! The scariest Gargoyles I think I have seen are the ones on Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris..If you haven’t seen them its worth a google!!

  4. hedwig

    What a great inspiration! Gargoyles are incredible. Specially the thought that they are so old. That people long ago invented them and put them high on the churchroofs, like little devils.
    Yours are very beautiful. I like to see them in colors. I didn’t expect these wildlings in your herd. A nice surprise!

  5. Mom

    I think my favorite with this group is the Demin Guy but all their eyes are amazing!! Love, Mom

  6. clara nilles

    Fabulous gargoyles……who’d ever thought of painting them? They are evil and delightful at the same time… to see more of these “dastardly” creations!

  7. Creations By Mit

    Ha ha! These guys are great! Love their toothy grins! Despite your claim that they are peaceful, they don’t look very trustworthy to me…they kind of look like they’d be very good at lying….just sayin’ :)

  8. ruthsartwork

    So cute. Their eyes are very expressive. I like the last two the best. And who can dislike anyone who enjoys Mystery Science Theater. I wouldn’t mind watching that now.

  9. bella sinclair

    Oooh my, what big teeth you have! Wow, I was startled when I first encountered these guys. Those teef! Glad to hear they’re pacifists. And maybe vegetarian? I’d like to see these guys’ silhouettes on the corner of a movie screen, a la Mystery Science Theater. How could would that be!

    And thank you so much for your wonderful comment you left a couple of weeks ago. I love that Mr. Rogers quote so much that I printed it and have it hanging on my board so I can be reminded every day. xoxo

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Hooray, that’s awesome, Bella! So glad it had the desired effect. (Of course Mr. Rogers gets all the credit.)
      And yes, holy cow! These guys WOULD look awesome doing the MST3K thing! I wonder what kind of voices and opinions they would have. At least one would be a very grumpy fellow, I’m sure. Maybe the mutton chop fellow.

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