Stella and Moe for Illustration Friday

Stella and Moe
5″ x 7″ Copics, Micron pens, gel pen

Created for the Illustration Friday topic “Together”.  I think Stella’s pretty cute but Moe looks far too serious. Also, I’m not entirely sure a cat’s ear would bend quite that way and I’m afraid it makes him look a bit like a dog. Otherwise, two furry pals. Hooray!

I looked at LOTS of cat photos. A couple reference cat photos can be found here and here.

I wanted to add another note to this post. Several people from Illustration Friday, or other visitors here, have recently switched over to posting only on FaceBook. Since I am not on FaceBook, I cannot comment on those images. I wish I could – some are really great! I really do try to visit back everyone who visits here, but sometimes I am unable to comment because I don’t want to join any more networks. : /

Thanks for stopping in! More cityscapes next time! 

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Oh! And I just posted some zombie dogs and cats greeting cards in my shop! You know, in case you needed something of that nature. :D

14 thoughts on “Stella and Moe for Illustration Friday

  1. Efi Maryeli

    Lovely!!! I’ve seen cat ears bent that way, especially when sleepin on my pillow ;) I do too regret it when people connect their IF submissions to Facebook because I can’t comment, but it’s a choice of mine not to be on FB or Twitter. Google+ and blogger are more than enough for me at this point!!! Have a great week, Cindy!!!

  2. Sheri McClure Pitler

    The more I study them the more things I find to admire; the way the yellow cat’s eyes are scrunched shut; the cool steady look in the big cats eyes; just the right patches of light on yellow cat; big cat’s bone structure…

  3. Sal Scheibe

    Stella and Moe are seriously adorable! My cat does that upside down sleeping thing and it’s awesome. Really fantastic artwork as always. I’m not on Facebook either and am trying very hard to avoid Google+. I can barely keep up with the networking as is. I’m with you, Cindy!

  4. clara nilles

    Always love an up-side down cat! My calico sleeps with all 4 paws in the air! Wonderful capture on the cat’s personalities.

    Agree…..can’t keep up with Blogger and Google postings much less FB…….what did folks do before internet/social media??

  5. Jill

    I like the two opposing personalities and positions. You are much too critical of your work. You totally rocked this. And I love the aqua background against the yellow fur. Even the color scheme includes opposing colors–warm and cool.

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