Denizens of Redhead House, Acrylics

It’s day number nine and Face #9 of 29. It is not love potion number nine. But I do love the Irish setter. In fact, the Irish setter is the reason I kept trying with this canvas. If you check out the progress pics in the slideshow below, you will see some very ugly middle stages!

 Face #9, Redhead House
6″ x 6″ Acrylics on canvas board

I wish the framed picture wasn’t right up against the right border, but I’m going to leave it. Even though “redhead” is one word!

I have been inspired by another 29 Faces participant, denthe, who has a tradition of posting a week’s overview of the challenge. I think it’s a great idea!

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10 thoughts on “Denizens of Redhead House, Acrylics

  1. Sheila

    You have such an amazing imagination! I like Elsbeth and the Redhead with the dog the most. I also love the headgear on your creations – reminds me of some of Mucha’s work.: )

  2. TMartin

    Wow. This is a great painting. It’s so beautifully integrated with the colors and shapes. And I LOVE te dog’s profile. Overall–very lovely!

  3. denthe

    Next to Rocco and Harmony this must be my new favorite painting of yours. You’re right: that Irish Setter is so cute. And your overview is great :-)

  4. Leslie White

    I really like how you have moved into acrylics. This one particularly caught my eye. It’s all because of that wonderful dog complimenting the frame and the story here, Cindy. Love it!

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