Stop the Fancy Presses. A Countess Cat.

Very. Fancy. Cat.
5″ x 7″ pen and ink, Copic markers

Very. Fancy. Cat. Oh yes. But I am up far too late to explain further, except to say I believe she is a Countess who lives on a remote estate and takes in lost kittens.

I listened to Slipping Away while doing art recently. You should try it! Or not. (I even bought a proper copy on iTunes.)

Hello to Paint Party Friday! Lots of progress pics as this one developed over many days.

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14 thoughts on “Stop the Fancy Presses. A Countess Cat.

  1. AnnD

    Damn, lady! This might just be your best one yet! The headdress looks as realistically detailed as if you had the Countess modeling for you in your studio. The lighting gives it totally convincing dimensionality, too. Me-ow!

    (Plus a brilliant color palette!)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks, AnnD! I dig the hat except maybe the cross-looking part. Not my usual color palette, but it is showing up more recently!

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