Season of the Horse

Lilac in Progress
5″ x 7″ pen and ink, Copics

I finally decided that if I want to be good at drawing horses, I need to draw lots of horses. So please, if you have tips about horses, do not be shy about sharing them. Unfortunately I don’t have any or live near any, but I look at TONS of photos.

Past Horses, ATCs and an 8″ x 10″
Pen and ink, Copics (click to enlarge)

These are some horses from the last couple years. The unicorn on the bottom left, Thistle, is from just a few days ago.

In any case, expect lots of horses around here! Including donkeys, unicorns and ponies, steampunked and fancy-dressed. Maybe some carousel types. At the end I hope to have a Horses poster. In the meantime, there’s always the cats or the dogs!

Another reason horses (and unicorns) are a good choice right now is that I may have a table at a small fantasy con near Chicago, in November. And I need to make stuff to fill up my table. I think unicorns might go over well if I can manage to scrape off some of that cloying cliched reputation they have accumulated. Through no fault of their own, I might add.

The Season of the Horse is the fourth in a Slumbering Herd tradition of Projects, including 200 Maidens (started as 100!), the Art Card Dogs Project , 100 Cityscapes (currently at 26), and 100 Tiny Houses (just hit 50). Hooray!

Tons of progress pics below. Nice to see ya!

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12 thoughts on “Season of the Horse

  1. AnnD

    If I’m being totally honest, I think you are already very good at drawing horses and unicorns! That said, it will be fun to watch you get even better, because that is a thing you do – get even better, even when no one thinks you need to!

    I look forward to the horse poster! :D

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      You are so very nice, AnnD! I think they are not too bad. But I prefer they were much better! Thank you for the encouragement. :D

  2. Carol Samsel

    OHHHHHHHH !!!!! I love these! I want to learn to draw horses too. Believe me, mine do not look anywhere near as well as yours. Looking forward to a parade of fine horses ♥

  3. Elena Caravela

    You are already great at drawing horses! Love the edges, the gray an purple, but the gray, far right, steals my heart!

  4. Gina Sismilich

    your very imaginative horses are wonderful – I have attempted only one horse – from a photo I thought was funny – just the head – you can see it here - – I told my husband that I was so pleased because the horse’s nostril was “perfect” – LOL

  5. clara

    Horses are one of the most beautiful animals……and you’ve captured them well. The soft greys and violets with orange and peach highlights are a great color combination……really nice job!

  6. minnemie

    I totally agree with AnnD – you seem to very accomplished already with every new theme you enter into, and yet we see and enjoy as you develop and excel! This is going to be a wonderful journey with you. I just read a marvelous poem about horses yesterday outside the art museum in Chattanooga…if I can find a copy I will send it to you. You will love it and be greatly encouraged in your horse journey:-)

  7. Mom

    You go girl!! The horses are all beautiful & I do love the “Unicorn”. I agree with all your other “Fans”- looks like you have been doing horses a long time!! Love, Mom

  8. Jill

    I’m partial to the gray unicorn with the purple horn and the turqouise background. And, as always, I love your use of texture.

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