Fancy Bontebok in progress, Copic markers

Fancy Bontebok in progress
5″ x 7″ pencil, Copic markers

I started this Fancy Bontebok last September and finally added some color. But I am now behind in the 29 Faces Challenge because I spent the weekend at Capricon, a sci-fi and fantasy fandom convention in Illinois. Mostly I hung out in the Art Show and volunteered to help as needed. I took in a few panels, including a very fun round robin art activity run by Karen Ann Hollingsworth, a recently discovered favorite artist.

The convention thing is really a different world. And honestly, not everyone is as friendly as you would expect, which just proves I suppose that people can be cliquey wherever you go. But mostly, very friendly!

Thanks for dropping in! No progress pics because I was not near my scanner this weekend. :)

3 thoughts on “Fancy Bontebok in progress, Copic markers

  1. clara

    Interesting…..learned new word….bontebok…..actually had to look it up! They have beautiful markings on their faces…..that youve captured well. Like reading about your art adventures and shows you attend…..artists can be quite eccentric…..

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