Art for the Revolution

Hello visitors! First, this is primarily an art blog and not a political blog. Though frankly I wish the fundamental values of kindness, inclusion and rejection of hate were not political. Others don’t agree, including those who have recently gained power. So, humankind is experiencing a kind of setback. I suppose it may have been inevitable for the pendulum to swing so violently right after our excellent if imperfect Black president. Anyway, here we are.

I have been continuing to practice – most recently word art with ink and Copic markers. I hope to make the jump to painting this month. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Do the Most Good (quote by Hillary Clinton)
9″ x 10″ ink on Bristol

Do Unto Others
9″ x 11″ ink on Bristol

Justice for All
9″ x 11″ ink on Bristol

My Facebook art page is updated more frequently, if you’re over there. Hello to Paint Party Friday and thanks so much for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “Art for the Revolution

  1. Giggles

    STUNNING… the golden rule is included which I was raised on! You said it all so perfectly! Glad I’m Canadian right now…however, it affects us all!! Stay true…LOVE is the answer!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Faye

    Stunning art work this week, Cindy. You can’t go wrong with the Golden Rule. As humans we can’t see the end when we are in the middle of things. Just keep praying that justice will prevail and that we can keep our country safe from those who seek to destroy us.


    These are all fantastic and I love your choice of words. Yes we are all in shock right now and hold our breath at each and every announcement from the White House. Scary times we live in.

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