Back! (Again!) Pet Portraits & Sharpie Shoes

Hello and thank  you so much for dropping by! In this post you shall find three of my favorite projects from the past year.

Dog Portrait #1, January 2017, Deb’s Little Monster

Deb’s Little Monster, 9″ x 12″(ish), mechanical pencil (with photo reference)

Dog portrait #2, Dec 2017, ChiChi Machete Apple-Head 2017, an Xmas portrait.

ChiChi Machete Apple-Head, December 2017, approx 6″ x 8″ ink,

ChiChi Machete Apple-Head, December 2017, approx 6″ x 8″ ink and Copics,

Not that anyone asked, but I have not accepted any pet portrait commissions. For one thing, approximately a kajillion excellent artists are already doing those! Also, portraits are stressful.

Sharpie on Canvas Shoes, December 2017, Colorful Doodlin’

Sharpie Shoes, Dec 2017, 1 0f 3,

Sharpie Shoes, Dec 2017, 2 0f 3,

Sharpie Shoes, Dec 2017, 3 0f 3,

My First Sharpie Shoes Ever, Stats:

  • Hours to complete: approx 15 (with Miss Marple or The Great British Baking Show reruns in the background).
  • Method: None! Just doodled. Drew some shapes. Colored stuff in. More shapes, more coloring. Most areas required multiple layers. It went quicker on the second shoe because I had a better idea what I wanted.
  • Reception: Quite nice. People are telling me to sell these. Probably not, though. Would have to charge… hmmm. Quite a lot. :D

p.s. Thank you Metafilter for the push to get back to my blog! Admittedly, a variety things probably need updating around here. Categories and tags, for instance. I don’t even. But we’ll see how it goes!

Hello to Paint Party Friday, it’s been ages!

18 thoughts on “Back! (Again!) Pet Portraits & Sharpie Shoes

  1. Linda Hensley

    Welcome back! I understand your feelings about the time it takes to do things and the amount you’d have to charge for it, but you do have a good feel for the dog portraits and I love the shoes. I’m tempted to get some shoes to color too. Have a great 2018!

  2. laurie

    The dog portraits are beautiful you truly captured their spirit,, the sharpy shoes are amazing but I agree, would people pay what you would need to charge,, I think they are something you can enjoy as being a very unique item and many will want to own lol,, very expensive shoes , hand embellished,, each a work of art!!!!I love them!

  3. Annie

    Yay! I had missed seeing your posts! Your pet portraits are fantastic! And those sharpie shoes are wonderful! I may have to make me some!
    Glad your back!
    Happy New Year!

  4. minnemie

    Gorgeous pets – you captured the likenesses so well while maintaining your unique artistic signature. I bet you do get a lot of compliments on those shoes! SO FUN! So long 2017 and may we see you a lot in 2018.

  5. denthe

    oh, it’s so nice to see you resurface Cindy! I have missed your wonderful art. Those dog portraits are awesome! And those shoes …… Are these the alcohol sharpies you used or the waterbased/acrylic? It looks amazing, I’d buy these in a flash if I saw them somewhere. I really like how you did the different sections. It looks almost like all different and exotic fabrics stitched together. Beautiful work! wishing you all the best for 2018, and lots more of these colorful projects :-)

  6. Courtney

    I love, love, LOVE the dog portraits. Your pets are so adorable and your artwork of them is incredible! The shoes are super cool too. Love all the designs/doodles and the bright colors. :)

  7. Sal Scheibe

    Woo! You’re back! Always awesome to see your wonderful art and cute dog portraits. I totally love the shoes too. They’re amazing! Did you spray them with a fixative or something after? I wonder if they’re rain proof? I wouldn’t mind making a pair too.

  8. Bella Sinclair

    Halloooooo, hallooooo!!! It’s great to see you, and happy new year! Can I tell you, I absolutely DIG your word art. They are magnificent! The dog portraits are really adorable, and I marvel with envy at your shading with ink. And those shoes! Those shoes! Whoa. I can imagine all the compliments you get with those. Ooh, lightbulb moment — word art on shoes! You could charge a mint, and I bet people would be clambering. Sooooo gooooood.

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