Late March Update, Acrylic Portrait

16″ x 20″ acrylics in progress

Pretty happy with this one so far! I think I am going to leave it for now, but it may reappear on these very pages in the coming weeks.

Here is proof you can make a decent nose and mouth and eyes if you practice. Which I am trying to do more aaaaaaaah. Have to fix the nose on the right side, decide how to finish the shoulders, and eventually eyelashes. And tone down the pink cheeks a bit. But on to the next one for now!

16″ x 20″ acrylics in progress 1, portrait on green

16″ x 20″ acrylics in progress 2, portrait on green

This is definitely one of my better sketches underneath, and improved the process quite a bit. Obvious, right? I have been watching more videos. I linked some over here! The green background was done the day before and let dry.

16″ x 20″ acrylics in progress 3, portrait on green

16″ x 20″ acrylics in progress 4, portrait on green

16″ x 20″, acrylics in progress 5, portrait in green

16″ x 20″, acrylics in progress 6, portrait in green

16″ x 20″ acrylics in progress

Eye detail in progress, March 2018

Hooray progress pics.

Thanks for dropping in! Hello to Paint Party Friday. :D


14 thoughts on “Late March Update, Acrylic Portrait

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      That is very kind, thank you! But I do believe with lots of practice, anyone can do this sort of thing or any sort of thing! I’ve got a lot of years in, but I also skipped a lot of years (regretfully!). Practice is the thing. :)

  1. Sal Scheibe

    So beautiful, Cindy! I love seeing the progress shots. Her face is adorable and I love the background colours. They really make her face pop! Wonderful :)

  2. Bella Sinclair

    Wow, these are great! I love your use of color. My daughter wants to learn to paint, so she and I made a pact to learn together. I’m looking to your paintings as inspiration. :D

  3. Gay McKinnon

    Wow, Cindy! You have zoomed ahead while I was looking the other way! I had no idea you could paint acrylic portraits. The face is excellent but I also love the hair. It looks extremely natural.
    Thanks for popping by and seeing my wombat. I tried to leave a reply, but Google hates that. I agree that wombats are the most endearing of creatures, although echidnas come pretty close. You should come to Tasmania and I will take you to the snow to see some. They hang out everywhere, but you can spot them easily in the snow. I have nearly hit two skiing, as I ski exceptionally badly.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Tasmania! How cool would that be. You make an excellent point about the echidna. I also love those little kingfishers! Thank you for the nice comments. I would not say I could paint an acrylic portrait just yet but maybe getting there. :D

  4. David Jernigan

    Cindy, great illustration. I like how you showed the steps in the painting process. The eyes and the lips have a particularly lively quality to them. Nicely executed artwork.

  5. JKW

    I went to sleep each night thinking of (eyes, nose, ears) each night for quite some time, that’s all I did, when I went to sketch them they came out pretty good. Just my thoughts. You have things pretty well in hand. Thanks for sharing how you did it. Blessings, Janet

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