Acrylic Portrait Still in Progress

I did not paint every day in February, but I did work on this portrait for a lot more days than any other painting. And I took a lot of pics (and also included all the pics from the last post).

Bianca, 11″ x 14″ acrylics in progress.

It’s weird how so many of these look like entirely different people. It’s also hard to see what changed in some cases. And sometimes it got worse before it got better. Also, still not done with this!

Thanks for stopping in. Hello to Paint Party Friday!

10 thoughts on “Acrylic Portrait Still in Progress

  1. Tracey

    I love seeing those steps and stages, they can help so much with the progress helping us hold information for future works. Amazing piece of art.
    Happy PPF Tracey

  2. June Walker

    I love seeing all the stages. I agree that the art often goes through a good phase, a terrible phase when you think you’ve messed it up, and then onto a good phase again. A roller coaster. The portrait is looking very good.

  3. Clare

    Have not visited in a LONG time! Glad to see that you are still painting! and Wow what a change in style and subject matter! Some wonderful new works!!

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