Paint Every Day, January 2022

Well hello! (If anyone reads this! Who knows!) My last post was April 2021, at which time I was doing an online art class. It went.. ok. I discovered I do not like to paint with acrylics on a wood panel. Perhaps I was not doing it right! Eh. It’s ok not to like it.

Here we are in the middle (toward the end?) of the Omicron portion of the global pandemic. And I am once again painting every day in January.

Although I’ve still got a few days to go, here are some horses I painted this month. I am new to painting horses. It went pretty well!

Three horses, acrylics, January 2022

And here are some portraits I painted this month. The ones on the right are definitely more successful than the ones on the left.

Four portraits, acrylics, January 2022.

And here are some landscapes I painted this month. I am new to landscape painting, and used free reference photos from It went pretty well with the sunlight and atmospheric perspective and a cute little (lopsided) car:

Four landscapes, acrylics, January 2022

Are you doing any painting projects in 2022? Let me know so I can check them out! :D

Thanks for dropping by! I can be found on instagram at cindydauer.

7 thoughts on “Paint Every Day, January 2022

  1. denthe

    Wow, you have done a lot already! Amazing! And it seems you’re good in any subject. I love the colours you use, the portraits are amazing and the horses have such sweet sweet faces. LOVE your style ♥

  2. BLOGitse

    Hi Cindy! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I wrote in Finnish because connection with PPF and other English writing people…disappeared or dwindled. My English is not that good I could write long posts, sigh!
    The post was about blogging. Is blogging dying, people more in instragram etc. Very interesting exchange of ideas, experience.
    Your art is amazing, I agree with others! I like how you mix and blend colors.
    For me one picture would taka a year to do!! I don’t have patience… :)
    Have a good week ahead!

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