Week 2, 30 Day Challenge

Pencil drawings on smooth Bristol board, 30-day drawing-composition challenge Mar-April 2022.

The end of the second row has the only landscape (and out of order). Otherwise I’ve been on this crazy still life kick. Part of the reason, is that we are supposed to be taking and cropping our own photos for this challenge, and there’s not much outside where I am at the moment. (Of course, there is beauty in mundane things, etc, but it’s the end of winter and overcast, so no additional landscapes for me yet.)

I mentioned in the last post that I never thought I would be interested in, or any good at, still life drawing. But now I’ve done a whole lot of them, and they are going pretty well!

Ladle and lemons watching tennis on television. (I thought this one wanted a name.)

One thought on “Week 2, 30 Day Challenge

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    I’m inspired by your journey! I love the way you tackle new materials and subject matter. I really like the paintbrushes; I think they would make a good subject for a series that could venture into a crossover from realistic drawing/painting into a fantasy still life. I’ve been in a creative slump lately. Your posts are giving me a nudge to get going!

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