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One Dapper Monkey for November Whimsy

It’s Whimsy time again, and this month’s prompt is “panache”. I wondered if it might have a less well-known definition I could use.  Well as it happens, it does! (Although it isn’t such a stretch from the original meaning, as evidenced in the dapper creature below.)

panache – 2. an ornamental plume of feathers, tassels, or the like, especially one worn on a helmet or cap. (Thanks, dictionary.com!)

One Dapper Monkey

Sadly, I forgot about the tassels until I was too far in.  Also, I probably should have left Wilbert a fluffier/fuzzier type of dapper monkey (instead of a monkey who could possibly be wearing a blue bike or space helmet, or shower cap.)

Wilbert is quite a world traveler and loves to visit local markets in all the corners of the world.  He keeps a home in Scotland because he has approximately two and one half rooms full of hats, most with panache! One of his traveling hobbies is collecting feathers from the wilds of the world.  He only uses found feathers (as in, not currently being used/worn by a bird), and has perfected a method of cleaning them and returning them to their full glory.  Determining which hat a particular feather suits best takes an average of three weeks.

Dapper Monkey and Thai Monkey

I found the inspirational Monkey photo at deviantART (photographer: AndersMarius). He met this fine monkey in Thailand. Doesn’t he look wise? And slightly amused? And nice. (Though he may be none of these things.)

Dapper Monkey Color 1

One Dapper Monkey

Original 9″ x 6″ original illustration with Copic markers. I finally did a background! (Partly because the background was much smaller than with previous projects, and would not use up so much marker fluid.  I was going to pattern the background but decided for now there is enough pattern on Mr. Dapper.)

Thank you for visiting.  My goodness I have been posting like a fiend recently.  It probably won’t last!  Need sleep.  Thank you for stopping in!