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Poirot and Me

There is a moment in season 8, episode 1* (“Evil Under the Sun”) when David Suchet’s Poirot says, The murder that took place here was the work of a mind that was brilliant. But there is one thing that the killer did not expect, ah? The mind of Hercule Poirot. Es bien? Now is the time for these two minds to meet and the truth at last must come to light.

David Suchet's Hercule Poirot, sketch in progress, 6" x 6"

David Suchet’s Hercule Poirot, sketch in progress, 6″ x 6″

His eyes twinkle, as they often do, and he manages to suppress all but a momentary hint of a smile. The denouement is imminent. The Good Guy shall unmask the killer! after a careful reconstruction of (re-enacted) events. So satisfying. I mean really. Not to mention the charming cast, the British accents (and terrible, hilarious American ones), and a peek into the imperfect lives of the upper crust. (Spoiler: They are crusty. In more ways than one. Gross.) No seriously, even rich people have problems/can be nice/aren’t monsters.(?)

In any case, since the Bad Guys often seem to be winning in the world we actually inhabit, I enjoy the quiet inevitability of the triumphant Belgian.

For this sketch I decided not to look at a static photo, but to watch the show and watch him in action. I got to concentrate on a whole range of expressed emotions, and study all his features from many angles, which I found helpful. It needs work. Or I may start a new one. Either way, expect more Poirot portraiture at this address. :)

I apologize if you are unfamiliar with the show and I totally bored you to death. But you would like it. Who wouldn’t like it?! I am currently watching (the second time through) via Netflix. Thanks for dropping in!

*Agatha Christie’s Poirot