Big are the Noses

Recently I have become obsessed with something slightly silly.  Close-up noses.  Of farm animals.  Well, mainly farm animals.  It all started with this one:

Bonny Bovines by RikkiVanCamp

I mean, how can they not put you in a good mood?  All props to the photographer!  You can find this item in her fine shop here:  Rikki’s Etsy Shop.  I purchased it and it arrived promptly in a lovely package.  Maybe you should get one!

Then I thought, I should get these bonny bovines more friends.  So I tried to find just the right ones at Etsy.  I didn’t *quite* find what I wanted.  But then I found the mother lode.  At DeviantART.  Want to see?

As these are all under glass (in decidedly not-pricey frames), some have a terrible glare.  I had to take this next bunch off the wall right above and slightly to the left of my computer monitor:

Llama and Two Horses Big Noses

Still a bit of a glare on them, but this is the setup.  I just love them.  I do.  But wait, there’s more!  Across from my chair next to my closet you can find these three fine creatures:

Three Big Noses, in Brown

(More glare, sorry!)  At this point you’ve either fled the scene or are becoming strangely  attracted to the Big Nose approach.  I warned you, right?  Oops.  I meant to warn you.  These three are a mere 4″ x 6″.  And insanely inexpensive over at DeviantART.  I feel guilty about that, since 1. The artists aren’t making much money off them, and 2. Things cost more at Etsy and I do like to steer people to Etsy.  But you should know where to find them should you find yourself in need of them.  :O)

Oh, let’s not forget the bathroom!  Not quite so close-up on the noses, but ridiculously silly sheep faces (9″ x 12″):

Holy Cow those are Silly Sheep

Here’s where you find Laughing Lamb and Running Man.  (Those are the names the photographers gave them.)

One guy left still looking for a home:

Donkey Big Nose

You can find this stunning fellow here, if needed.  I got the 9″ x 12″.

So then what did I do?  Well, I started some big nose art, of course:

Husband and Wife Cow Beasts

Sure, they look a tad crazed. But we all do at some point in a long-term relationship. Maybe Bernie left his socks on top of the television again. Or maybe Mavis added too much hot sauce to the tossed flowers they had for dinner. Or it’s possible they are both mad at that damn Shetland pony next door who lets his goats run wild. They have trampled Bernie’s tomatoes twice this year. But Bernie and Mavis are still in love. You can tell.

Buffalo (Kind of) Beast

This beast – part water buffalo, part highland cow, part woodland majesty – was once called Herman. It was a name he chose for himself because he did not like his given name. Which is Carl. He is trying Carl back on for size, lately. Maybe you can tell from his expression, but Carl does not abide rudeness.

Don’t get me wrong, he’d be more than happy to help you navigate a piano up your tricky and rather vexing apartment stairs. But he doesn’t like people who cut in queues or talk on their cellphones while in line at the grocery store. And he’s got something of a nasty bite!

You can find the drawings in my Etsy store, of course! The first two are an ACEO pair (2.5″ x 3.5″ on illustration board), and the buffalo is 8″ x 10″ on 150 lb. Canson drawing paper.  Original art created with Micron pens and Copic markers.  I think these are a fine start, but I think the next ones will have BIGGER NOSES.  Hooray!

So, are you a Big Nose convert?  Either way, thanks for visiting!

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