Pie Anxiety

Pie Anxiety

So you may be wondering – how did the dog get up there? So many possibilities, really!  It may have been a staircase inside the tree, despite that it looks like one would be flung off the ledge if one opened that door.  Fortunately it is a magic door of some kind and all such accidents are magically prevented – don’t ask me how they do it.   Of course, the dog may have leaped to his perch from other similar ledges lower down on the tree.  Maybe he’s a hybrid with tree-climbing-appropriate claws.  Maybe he’s a rare specimen of Levitatus Caninus (levitating dog)!

My only real question is:  How long will they wait before they divvy up the pie among themselves?  Wiggle, the green fellow on the left, seems particularly eager to go that route.

This is a 5″ x 7″ Micron and Copic marker sketch on hot press (smooth) watercolor paper with a text window added digitally.  I made it to put up in my Etsy shop, but I believe I shall keep it for now and get some prints made.  :O)  Perhaps I shall do more scenes with clever titles and start a page of one-off comics!  Ok, that sounds overly ambitious but you never know.

And here’s a couple bright new Copic ACEOs!

In the Tradition of Creatures Perched on Other Creature's Heads

Not sure what started this trend, but all over Etsy you can find animals and/or people perched on animals and/or people’s heads (usually animals perched on the heads of girls with saucer-size eyes).  I would not call myself trendy and yet I have ventured into this territory.  And may yet again!

Tree with Door Number 42

One can only name one’s drawings “Creatures in Tree” or “Creatures in Tree with Door” so many times before all the files get hopelessly mixed up in one’s brain.  So I randomly assigned a number to this one.  Sadly, I think the brown bat-bird creature on the left is a bit too close in tone to the tree and doesn’t stand out quite enough.  It didn’t start out this way!  He was a bright green thing but strangely when he landed to nap his color changed to blend into his environment!  Camouflage at work, people!  I saw it happen.  Honest.

As always, thanks for visiting you two or three kind people that actually visit!  :P

4 thoughts on “Pie Anxiety

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    Awesome! Gotta get me some colorful Copics! I only have the thin-line black ones. I love what you do with the color blends. And I know what you mean with the bird-bat. I’ve seen things happen in my own drawings that I certainly did not intend! :)

  2. The Beast Tender Post author

    Love the thin line Copics because they don’t smudge when you go over them in Copic markers. The Microns sometimes smudge, particularly if I don’t give them a few moments to dry, but I do love my Micron #2. Sometimes it’s hard to wait!

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