Illustration Friday and a Strange Goat

My first entry for Illustration Friday.  This week’s topic:  FUEL.

My first thought was to do a robot shaking an empty gas or oil can into his mouth (or into a receptacle on his head, or wherever the oil entry point might be).  But I have been on a colorful farm animal kick (most recently steampunk farm animals, several of which you can find in recent posts!), and I have been liking goats. So I thought, what silly thing can I show a goat eating?  Perhaps some long johns or socks. So I had a plan.

As you will see, this plan fell apart during sketching. I did not leave enough room for a recognizable sock at the bottom (not a giant one like I wanted) but I did leave some room at the top.  So clearly the fueling would have to take place above.  I thought about giving him a beer hat contraption (ah, a few weeks late for that topic, I know!), maybe with something silly in it like orange juice. But I didn’t want to cover his face with a straw.  So I decided another creature would be on top of his head, fueling him through a pipe in his head.  I’m not sure why I thought this! Here is the result:

Green Goat Fueling Up

This seems to me prime fodder for a trick I found while browsing last week’s entries: Bella Sinclair’s Doodlespot, in fact, in the following query to her readers, “What do you think is going on here?” So, I would do that, except I am a first timer to IF and I do not know if people will get a chance to visit me, straggler entrant #673 or whatever number it may be.  (But if you do, feel free to let me know what you think is going on in this picture!)

If you have been kind enough to visit and read this far and don’t want to have to come up with a story for the above, this is how I see it:

The pink creature is one of many thousands of similar creatures on a small planet really, really far away.  About four hundred years ago (our time), a garbage scow from earth was picked up by this civilization, and the only item they kept was an old picture album depicting life on a farm. They were completely enchanted by the farm animals, which became very popular subjects for their art.  So popular, in fact, that when the time came to re-design the planet’s power plant, they used goats, chickens, and llamas as decorative statuary to hold the massive tanks and wiring.  In the picture above, one of these enormous goats is getting a shot of oil that will keep him in perfect working order for another seven months or so.

Oh! (Sorry, this is probably too long, lol) I wanted to post the initial sketch and some early coloring (with Copic markers):

Topic Fuel - Initial Sketch


Topic Fuel - Color Progress

I used Copic markers and pens for this 6″ x 9″ drawing on 150 lb. smooth drawing paper.  Thank you so, so much for dropping in!

32 thoughts on “Illustration Friday and a Strange Goat

  1. NatashaMay

    I like your story for the painting. :) I keep looking at the beggining pf coloring photo and the finished one. It’s amazing how much the scribbles add to the dimension of the piece. Absolutely love it! :)

  2. Sylvia

    this is awesome..I really love it, and welcome to Illustration Friday! I’ve found it to be a very supportive community, and it’s always so inspiring to see so much talent.

  3. Abby

    I love the vibrant colors! Copic markers – how fun! I think the pink creature is just doing maintenance on the goat machine, particularly the chewing system.

  4. Rod

    I think this is a great idea and drawing and your take on the IF theme is excellent…certainly original…Power plants should take this design!

  5. Kathy Jeffords

    This is AWESOME…much more interesting than a goat eating a sock. I love the “tell me what you think is happening here” game…most of my art has stories to go along with it, but I’ve often wondered what stories OTHER people would create. I’ll have to try that some.

    Here’s my story for your illustration (and then I’ll go back and read YOUR story):

    This is actually a robot goat (or goatbot, if you will). The little critter on top of his head is actually the mastermind — both the inventor and keeper of the herd of goatbots. Since goats eat just about anything (true story when my dad was a kid long long ago his family had a goat and one morning they woke up and it was on top of their car eating the roof, or at least, that’s what I was told), the little critter (who I’ll call Herbert) created the goatbots to help solve earth’s litter/landfill problems. The goatbots eat and thoroughly “digest” anything that can’t be recycled. But occasionally, their joints get stiff and need some greasing…hence the morning goat oil feedings. Preventative measure!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you so much and I love this story! I think I would like a couple goatbots of my own. Sure, one would probably be enough, but despite its being mechanical I wouldn’t want it to feel lonely.

      Thanks to everyone for the comments, it’s so great!

  6. Hannah

    Welcome to Illustration Friday and what a great first submission! You have such an original style. I love the colours and use of pattern.

  7. Cathy June

    This is delightful! I love the humor and colors and it’s wonderful that you share your process in steps, too. I always enjoy learning how creative minds work :) Thank you for the kind words on my post, Cindy.

  8. michele

    Very fun and imaginative work here! I love the idea of “goat oil!” Of course, helps to keep things moving after eating all those rusty cans! Hee hee!
    Looking forward to “seeing ” you again! :o)

  9. hedwig

    Thank you for stopping by at my blog. Now I’m looking at yours and I like it very much. The brught colors, the touch of magic and fantasy mixed with humor and realism. Very beautiful!

  10. diana

    i love your funky farm animals! the first thing that crossed my mind when seeing this was that the cute dragon thing needs to oil the poor goat’s brain. it probably isn’t functioning that well at the moment – i assumed this from the goat’s rather blank stare :))

  11. Stilos

    Thank you for your comment Cindy!
    I like your work here! Hope to see more on IF from you!
    As for the concept of my illustration..well,
    it is about earth’s fuel (us actually)that is water, which we are make a long story short.
    It is also the spaceship’s fuel and there is the sun energy. I might also add a Solar Power Satelite (SPS),sending energy down to earth as an alternative “fuel” for our machines.

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